Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an important aspect of a child’s growing years in education. The CCA experience plays a substantive part of a child’s holistic development in school. The school has implemented an approach introducing the concept of CCAs to our pupils through our P3 SCCA programme which provides them with a broad-based exposure in the domains of physical, cognitive and the aesthetic.
CCAs offer pupils a unique experience not found in the normal classroom-based lessons and pupils will be presented with the opportunity to take on various leadership and mentoring roles in the course of their CCA participation, which we are confident will enhance their overall primary school experience.
It is through CCAs, where pupils will:
  • Discover their interests and talents
  • Develop their skills and hone their talents in a CCA of their choosing,
  • Have the opportunity to specialize / participate at a competitive level.
From 2019, Primary 3 pupils will select and participate in CCAs. Frontier Primary School currently offers the following CCAs (Clicking on a CCA will take you to the CCA Information page of that particular CCA):
CCA Domains
Visual and Performing Arts
Clubs and Societies
Uniformed Groups
Art and Crafts CCA
Environmental Science CCA
Red Cross Youth
Chinese Dance
Design and Innovation
(Robotics and New Media Club)
Modern Dance
Rockwall Climbing
String Ensemble