Frontier Primary School is celebrating our 10 years’ endeavour to build Strong Fundamentals for Future Learning this year!

Empowering our students to unleash their potential and forge breakthroughs in unchartered waters, the evolving swirls depict the transformation of Frontierers during their 6 years’ school journey. The colours of green and orange are harmoniously blended to symbolize the growth of Frontierers as holistic trailblazers who embrace the future with confidence as they progress to Make A Difference and Be The Difference!

Math Learning Corner

13th April 2021

Frontier is proud to announce that our Math Learning Corner is officially open to our P1 and P2 students! Math Learning Corner aims to build students’ confidence and foster joy of learning towards Mathematics through the fun-filled activities. During the recesses, our lower primary students will get to apply their thinking and observation skills through …

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P1 and P2 HBL for 12 March 2021

11th March 2021

Dear Parents. The Primary 1 and 2 students need not report to school tomorrow and they will be having Home-Based Learning (HBL). You may refer to the HBL plan here shared on the school website for the details of what has been assigned to your child (offline and online). The contact information for your child’s subject …

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World Water Day 2021 – Poster-Making Competition (Voting Phase)

4th March 2021

In conjunction with the upcoming World Water Day, 8 students from Environmental Science CCA have participated in World Water Day Poster-Making Competition 2021 held by Dunman High School, in partnership with PUB. They have put in their hard work and submitted 2 entries. You may view the photos for Team 1 here and for Team …

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Chinese New Year Celebration and Total Defence Day Commemoration

10th February 2021

Frontier Primary will be celebrating Chinese New Year and commemorating Total Defence Day as a single event on Thursday, 11 February 2021. Pupils are strongly encouraged to wear their Chinese traditional costume (with black school shoes) on that day. Pupils who do not have any traditional Chinese costumes will come to school in the usual …

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E-Briefing for Parents of P1 Pupils

22nd January 2021

Please click here to access to our P1 E-briefing For Parents 2021 videos.

International Friendship Day 2021

13th April 2021

Frontier Primary School commemorated International Friendship Day on 5 April this year with the theme, ‘Singapore in the World’.  In conjunction to celebrating the school’s 10th year anniversary, every Frontierer received a collar pin which served as a reminder on the importance for Frontierers to be culturally aware. On that day, the school did an …

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P3 to P6 Sports Day 2021

18th March 2021

We ended the term with a big bang – Sports Day for our Primary 3 to Primary 6 students! On this day, our students were engaged in a series of fun and exciting activities and games. Not only could the excitement be felt in the School Hall and the Indoor Sports Hall where our students …

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P5 Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

11th March 2021

Frontier Primary School is pleased to kickstart the P5 Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) in Term 1 Week 10 (8 – 11 March). Our students are actively engaged in group work as they take on the role of Young Explorers to plan a 2-day itinerary to bring their parents to rediscover Singapore. Through these 4 days …

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Chinese New Year Celebration and Total Defence Day Commemoration

18th February 2021

Frontier Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year and commemorated Total Defence Day on 11 February 2021. The commemoration of Total Defence Day is a good reminder of how grateful we should be in being able to celebrate Chinese New Year peacefully today. Over the years, despite facing many challenges, Singapore has really showed her resilience …

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Maker@Frontier Induction

26th January 2021

Our Primary 3-1 pupils went through the Induction session for Maker@Frontier this morning. The pupils were introduced to the iMaker Lab and they did a Maker Activity on creating a Parachute using materials such as plastic bags, recycled cups, strings and pipe cleaners. The pupils were excited as they entered the room and they were …

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