MK Teaching Staff


Mrs Tonnine Chua
“Every child is unique with his own strengths, temperaments and needs.  The child as a learner is sincere and earnest in his quest for knowledge and excellence. Given the right nurturing care and environment, every child will be able to succeed and contribute in his own ways. A child’s success should be celebrated to spur him on and his failure should be forgiven so that he is not afraid to explore and attempt. Thus, each child should be appreciated in his own merits and be encouraged to pursue and excel in his areas of interests and strengths. Every child symbolizes hope for the country and should be cherished, nurtured and developed to become a useful citizen.”
Ms Ash - CH
Jennifer Ang May Lee
Yang Kai Ying
Nur Afiqah Mohd Ali
Wu Zhijing
Sherilyn Pua Xiu Min
Katrina Rahim
Nurasyura Binte Supari
Khong Mei Chan
Cindy Peck Xin Ying (MK-EL)
Lim Qian Qi Karis (MK-EL)
Li Guizhen
Caroline Tan Hui yee
Zuraidah Binte Abdul Hamid
Liu Hui - MK
Loh Hwee Boon
Nurafida Abdul Razak
Wan Nurul Fazeerin Binte Wan Anuwar
Luo Huangli
Dania Amelina Binte Jumari