CCA Information: Frontier Cub Scouts is the right CCA for boys and girls who want to be intellectually stimulated and physically engaged. Through Scouting, we hope to instil character, citizenship and leadership qualities in our cub scouts and develop them into adaptable individuals who are able to maintain harmonious relationship with others and be a contributing member of the society.

We provide our cub scouts with a lot of opportunities to work in teams and participate in outings, training programmes, VIA activities and camps. The exposure allows our cub scouts to earn a series of proficiency badges and pick up skills such as tent pitching, first aid and knot tying.

For Whom: Boys and Girls
CCA Objectives: Pupils will learn to:
a.       Exercise self-control
b.      Be a fabulous team player
c.       Use their fingers and head  to satisfy their creative instinct
Achievements: Gold for Frank Cooper Sands Award 2017

Gold for Frank Cooper Sands Award 2018

Teacher In-Charges: Miss Eugena Ooi Wei Ling (I/C)

Mr Teo Nam Hua, Mark (CO I/C)

Mdm Annabelle Pek Bee Lay

Miss Lim Jing Xian

Mdm Noryanti Mohamed Yahya

CCA Leaders: 
Yong Ye P5 Resilience 5 Sixer
Goh Kan Rui Hew P5 Resilience 5 Sixer
Seri Dewi Binte Effendi P6 Loyalty 2 Senior Sixer
Bryan Chua Tiong Hang P6 Loyalty 1 Senior Sixer
Schedule: Mondays, 2:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Venue:  Teaching Lab
Attire: Pupils will be in half-uniform unless otherwise stated.



Frontier Primary as the hosting school for West Area Cub Scouts Leadership Training.

Job Week 2016 - To inculcate in cub scouts the dignity of labour and the value of honest work.

Job Week Launch 2016 at the Istana