School Rules & Regulations

The aims of establishing the school rules and regulations are to encourage positive attitudes in pupils towards learning and provide a conducive learning environment.  The school rules and regulation is applicable to all students.

Every Frontierer must be

1. Punctual and prepared for Flag-raising Ceremony, all lessons and school activities.

  • All Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge (with the right fist over the heart).

  • Attendance at school for lessons and school activities during term time is compulsory.

  • Pupils must seek permission before leaving the classroom/school.

2.  Self-discipline and uphold the core values of the school at all times.

All pupils should be

  • Polite, courteous and greet the teachers and visitors when they see them.

  • Caring and helpful towards people.

  • Well-behaved and responsible towards their own, others and school properties. Keep the school clean and show care for the environment.

  • Food can only be consumed in the canteen.

3. Be neat and tidy in appearance.

  • Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and any modification to the school uniform is not allowed.

  • The name tags must be securely ironed and switched on the top left of the PE attire above the school logo at all times.

  • Pupils are not to wear jewellery or ornaments.

  • Boys must be clean shaven. Hair must be above the eyebrows, ears and at least 3 cm above the collar.

  • Girls may wear only one pair of simple stud earrings in school. Fringe covering the eyebrows is to be pinned up and hair beyond shoulder-length is to be tied neatly. Only black hair accessories are allowed.

  • All pupils must keep their hair neat and in its natural colour.

Pupils will wear the school uniform as shown below:



Name tags are to be secured to the shirt in the following manner:


Position of Name Tags


PE Attire

1 cm above the school logo

Formal uniform

2 mm above school logo

For the boys’ uniform, the name tag is on the pocket