School Rules

·         Frontierers must be neat and tidy in appearance at all times.

·         F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Check

 F  Fingernails For All Frontierers:

1.  Clean and short nails

 For Girls:

1.  No Nail polish is allowed





For Al Frontierers:

1.  Wear the prescribed full school attire (school uniform or PE attire) and any modification to the school attire is not allowed.

2.  PE T-shirt must be tucked at all times.

3.  Change to CCA attire during lunch break on days when pupils have SCCA or CCA.

4.  Come in full school attire with black canvas shoes when pupils come back to school for any activities on Saturdays and during school holidays.

5.  No jewellery or ornaments are to be worn with school attire.

 For Girls:

1.  Only one pair of plain black, gold or silver studs is allowed.

2.  Only one ear stud is permitted in each ear lobe.

3.  No make-up in any form is allowed.

For Boys:

1. Must be clean shaven.

2. No ear studs.

S Socks and Shoes 1.  Wear only black canvas shoes with only black laces.

2.  Wear only plain white socks.

*Plain white socks must fully cover the ankles, not higher than 3cm.

 H Hair Length & Style For All Frontierers:

1.  Hair must be neat and in its natural colour and not tinted/dyed.

For Girls:

1.  Only black hair accessories are allowed.

2.  Fringe must not touch the eyebrows; long fringe has to be pinned up.

3.  Hair beyond the collar must be neatly tied up or braided.

4.  Hair must be short. No fanciful styling (e.g. Permed hair, heavy gel) and fancy haircut.

5.  Fringe must be above the eyebrows.

6.  Hair at the sides must not touch the ears.

7.  Hair at the back must be at least 3cm above the collar.

For Boys:

1.  Hair must be short. No fanciful styling (e.g. Permed hair, heavy gel) and fancy haircut.

2.  Fringe must be above the eyebrows.

3.  Hair at the sides must not touch the ears.

4.  Hair at the back must be at least 3cm above the collar.Hair must be short.

ION Iron-on Nametag For All Frontierers:

1.  Have the name tags securely ironed and stitched on the top left of the shirt.

·    For PE attire, 1 cm above the school logo.

·    For School Uniform, 2mm above the school logo.

·         Frontierers must take care of school, personal and others’ belongings.




Property and belongings

For All Frontierers:

1.  Take care of all tables, chairs, classroom furniture and school equipment made available for use.

2.  Report any damage to school property when he/she sees it.

3.  Do not deface or damage any school equipment or façade.

4.  Do not take what belongs to others.

5.  Do not litter in the school premises (e.g. Canteen)

·         Frontierers must ensure safety of self and others.



For All Frontierers:

1.  Not allowed to have in their possession any weapon.

2.  Not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

School Attire and Personal Grooming

Frontier PE Attire

Frontier Formal School Attire and School eLF Attire



Pupils will wear the school uniform as shown below:

Name tags are to be secured to the shirt in the following manner:


Position of Name Tags


PE Attire

1 cm above the school logo

Formal uniform

2 mm above school logo

For the boys’ uniform, the name tag is on the pocket