Department Heads and Members

english language department 1
Mr Vincent Chua (HOD)
Mdm Toh Bee Choo (LH)
Mdm Nur Shirin Yaman Yuen (LH)
Mr Alan Yang Qidong (ST)
Miss Eulindra Lim (ST - Internal)
Mrs Teng-Lim Li Chern, Anisia (ST/LN(ES))
Miss Harsharan Kaur
Mr Muhammad Ali Bin Mohamed Yasin
Mdm Nurashikin Mohd Zamrabi
Mdm Cheong Yueh Tinng Evelyn
 Mdm Lim Suat Peng, Tina
Miss Sandra Phong Pei Shan
Mdm Magdalein Goh
School Programmes
To enhance the rigour and richness of the teaching and learning of English Language, the school also plans customised programmes for our pupils. The table below shows an overview of English Programmes and Initiatives that are in place in Frontier.
Eng 8
1. Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR)
Frontier adopts the STELLAR Approach in our teaching and learning of English Language. It aims to move EL learners towards independence using authentic texts and learning activities that motivate and engage different learners. The chart below shows the cycle of which STELLAR is being used in class.


2. Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA)
The Modified Learning Experience Approach (MLEA) is a shared experience that is linked to a STELLAR big book. This shared experience provides the context and content for the children to think and talk about; using the target language structures and vocabulary they have been exposed to in class.


3. 3E Approach
To cater to the diverse learning abilities and needs of the pupils, a 3E approach to differentiated learning is employed in Frontier to target all pupils of various abilities. The 3Es and an example of a program initiative is shown below.


4. Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) and Book Character Day
Every year, our school plans and organises carries out the Speak Good English Movement Week (SGEM) to encourage our pupils to speak standard and grammatically correct English.
During this movement, pupils enjoyed a marvellous skit on being effective communicators and many of them dressed up as their favourite book characters. There were also various activities carried out in the school to promote the awareness of the proper use of English.


5. Young Readers (P1) and Young Writers (P2) Programme



The Young Readers Programme to encourage and excite Primary 1 pupils to be confident and enthusiastic readers. There will be weekly planned library visits for pupils to explore and appreciate different book genres. These visits will be paired with Speech and Drama activities such as Show and Tell, Readers Theatre to provide pupils with a joyful learning experience.
The Young Writers Programme aims to inculcate a love for reading and writing among our Primary 2 pupils. Apart from planned library visits, there will be opportunities to develop pupils’ creative voices, writing fluency, resilience and self-efficacy. Pupils will also be able to showcase their writing pieces during this programme.