School History

Frontier Primary School was established in 2011. The school is currently located at 20 Jurong West Street 61 and was officially declared open in 2014.
Since its early years, the school has regularly engaged parents on their hopes and aspirations for their children. The school has articulated these in its Vision, Mission and Values and continues to make reference to these, along with inputs from internal and external scans, in the conceptualization and design of its learning experiences.
As a young school with a pioneering spirit, Frontier Primary has made several bold efforts to actualize its philosophy of “Strong Fundamentals for Future Learning”. For example, it implemented its student leadership programme, exemplary Leaders @ Frontier in 2012, when its only students were in Primary One. Its Chinese Dance and DanzWhiz groups also participated in the Singapore Youth Festival when its only members were in the lower primary. Frontier Primary was also one of the first primary schools to have implemented both a Learning for Life Programme and Applied Learning Programme – all within its first five years. It was the first primary school to work with HCA Hospice Care, enabling its students and staff to better empathise with different segments of the local community.
In 2015, MOE Kindergarten@Frontier was set up within the premises of Frontier Primary School to provide affordable quality pre-school education to the local community. In 2018, MK@Frontier became part of the school, enabling a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary education.
Principals of Frontier Primary School:
  • Mr Martin Koh Chin Thong (2011 to 2017)
  • Mrs Tonnine Chua (2017 to present)
Key Event
Establishment of school
First P1 intake
Start of  student leadership programme – exemplary Leaders @ Frontier (eLF)
Start of school-based Student Care Centre
First participation in Singapore Youth Festival
Official school opening
Start of MOE Kindergarten@Frontier
Launch of danceFRONT LLP
Introduction of thinking programme – Thinking Sillhouette
Launch of F@CE ALP
5th Year Anniversary
First PSLE cohort