CCA Information: Softball is a team sport in which every player plays a crucial role to ensure the success of the team. The sport provides opportunities for the softball players to cultivate important values and life skills such as self-discipline, tolerance, leadership, resilience, cooperation and good sportsmanship. All Softball players in Frontier will develop and harness the fundamental skills of throwing, catching, fielding, pitching, batting and base-running. As softball involves a variety of skills, players will participate in a developmentally age-appropriate regime. In order to hone their softball skills, game situations and friendly matches will be incorporated in the training programme.
For Whom: Boys and Girls
CCA Objectives: Pupils will

a.       Acquire fundamental skills of throwing, catching, fielding, pitching, batting and base-running
b.      Develop basic playing strategies and tactics of Softball
c.       Cultivate good sportsmanship values of discipline, resilience, cooperation and fair play.

Teacher In-Charges: Mr Zabar Abuyamin Bin Mohammad Akbar (I/C)

Mr Tan Yi Cong (2 I/C)

Miss Kaur Harsharan

Miss Peh Shu Yu, Janele

Mdm Toh Bee Choo, Ann

Captains: P6 Boys : Jonathan (Captain), Hoe Pheng (Vice-Captain), Rayn (Vice-Captain)

P6 Girls : Chervel (Captain), Ariel (Vice-Captain), Serafina, (Vice-Captain)


P5 Boys : Xavis (Captain), You Hong (Vice-Captain)

P5 Girls : Qaireen (Captain), Nayli (Vice-Captain)

Schedule: Mondays, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. @ School Field

Refer to school softball noticeboard for more information

Attire: Pupils will be in PE attire unless otherwise stated. Sports shoes and cap (if any)
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