Student Leadership

The school’s student leadership programme, exemplary Leaders@Frontier (eLF), is premised on the belief that ‘Every Student is a Leader’ and is designed to achieve the school’s vision of “Passionate Leaders”.
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Student leadership development is deployed through a 3-tier approach:
  1. Baseline leadership training known as “Class eLF Training” is conducted for all students through level-customized student leadership training packages which aim to equip students with competencies such as self-awareness, empathy and taking initiative. All students are given opportunities to be a Class eLF within the class.
  1. Students who exhibit exemplary leadership qualities and values are selected to become a School eLF (S-eLF), to lead at the school. These students are nominated by their teachers and undergo an interview to be confirmed as S-eLF. Teacher mentors are assigned to all S-eLF to provide group mentoring. Regular meetings and trainings are also conducted regularly to support and develop the S-eLFs. The school monitors and assesses the performance of S-eLF through self-evaluation, peer­evaluation, evaluation by form teachers and eLF teachers over the course of the year. A 6-year plan for the progressive development of the S-eLF knowledge, skills and values is used as the skeleton for all S-eLF trainings
  1. In parallel with S-eLF, students who exhibit leadership qualities in their CCAs are similarly identified for appointments to lead at the CCA level, under the guidance of CCA teachers. In 2019, the school started a CCA Leadership Camp to develop leadership traits and qualities through scenario-based opportunities for application. CCA teachers are provided with information on the students’ strengths and AFGs to enable continued development during CCA.
  1. A S-eLF Council has also been formed to serve the school at a higher level. The S-eLF Council is voted into the different council positions by staff and the student body. They undergo different trainings and are mentored closely by the S-eLF teachers. The S-eLF Council members will co-plan certain segments of S-eLF-L.E.S.S with the S-eLF teachers. During certain eLF Meet and S-eLF-L.E.S.S, the Upper Primary S-eLF will also facilitate certain segments and guide the younger S-eLF, such as how to be effective in carrying out their duties and how to manage difficult and uncooperative peers.
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S-eLF Leadership Camp
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