School Crest

Frontier Logo High Quality for Print
The word ‘Frontier’ urges Frontierers to dare to forge ahead to achieve breakthroughs in boundaries.  Hence we have consciously included the word in our logo to remind us of our aspirations to evolve and expand beyond the status quo.
In the school logo, the student is represented by orange colour to show that our pupils will shine brightly and bring brilliance to their future paths and destinations.  They will blaze a trail for our school, community and country.  The students will embrace the future with confidence and competence.  In our school logo, only the student is represented in orange to show the school’s commitment to focus on every child and nurture him/her to the best he/she can be.
How the school intends to realize this aim is by building a strong foundation in Values, Knowledge and Competencies (which are denoted by the grey spheres).  These 3 areas will be infused in a dynamic culture of learning.  This culture includes a curriculum which is progressive, holistic and attuned to the changing landscape and diverse pupil needs.  This culture is also enabled by committed and caring staff.  This culture of learning is captured by the green swerve which propels the child towards excellence.
After 6 years of education in Frontier Primary, each and every of our student will shine forth after being nurtured by our caring staff in a dynamic culture of learning strongly grounded in Values, Knowledge and Competencies.