P3 Structured Co-Curricular Activities

The Structured CCA Programme is the Frontier Primary’s approach to introducing CCAs to our Frontierers from at Primary 3 with the intention of exposing students to different modular CCA programmes within the various physical, aesthetic, cognitive domains. Through the P3 SCCA programme, our students will foster closer bonds amongst their peers and develop a sense of responsibility towards others, while at the same time sharing common CCA experiences. The P3 SCCA programme, together with other supporting programmes (SEP, PAM Enrichment, Skills Awareness Programme) will allow students to make a better decision on their CCA choice.
Our SCCA programme aims to develop active, dynamic, rugged, confident, thoughtful, artistic and responsible individuals who possess the zest for life.
 SCCA adopts a modular approach to introducing bite-sized CCA experiences to the Primary 3 students in the following domains:
  • Sports
  • Visual/ Performing Arts
  • Uniformed Groups
  • Clubs and Societies