Creative & Reflective Problem-Solvers



Discover joy and excitement.

Connect learning.

Communicate thinking.

Collaborate effectively.

Department Heads and Members

Mdm Yap Huie Yuan (HOD)
Mrs Lee - Neo Jie Qi (LH)
Miss Eugena Ooi (LH)
Mr Vincent Soh (ST)
Mdm Chua Si Wei (ST)
Mdm Sally Heng
Mr Patrick Chua Cherng Haur
Mrs Ang Cheng Chew - Teh Ai Choo
Mdm Asmahwaty Binte Abdullah
Mdm Oon Saw Kim Eileen
Mdm Siti Wahida Binte Zainal Abidin
 Mr Derek Lee

Department's Focus

We believe that every child wants to and can learn. We focus on children’s needs when designing learning experiences. Laying a strong foundation in our Frontierers’ numeracy skills is our priority. The Math Department aims to enable our Frontierers to:
  • acquire Mathematical concepts & skills for everyday use
  • develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills
  • build confidence and foster interest in Mathematics.

Key Approaches

1. Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract (C-P-A) Approach
Our teachers create opportunities and space for our Frontierer to explore and discover the joy of learning. CPA (Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract) Approach is used to develop mathematical concepts.
2. Learning Experiences to ignite joy of learning in Mathematics
Learning Experiences
 Skills/ Intent
Hands-on activities
Building of conceptual understanding
Show and Say
Communication/ Reasoning skills
Pair and Share
Collaborative skills
Play and Learn
Building of conceptual understanding through exploration
3. Verbalizing Thinking through Mathematics Reasoning and Communication
To develop confident problem solvers and communicators in Frontier, students in Frontier are exposed to reasoning and communication tasks to enhance their knowledge of key mathematical concepts and competencies. Students will be given opportunities to discuss and express their thoughts and ideas in both verbal and written forms. Teachers scaffolds students’ learning through the use of  mathematical language.
Through verbalising the thoughts processes while tackling reasoning and communication tasks, students develop the capacities to think logically, confidently, critically and creatively. These thinking dispositions are important for our Frontierers to lead a productive life and be life-long learners.
Key Programmes
     1. Developing students' confidence and enjoyment through Math & Science Week
To learn Mathematics through play and exploration, our Frontierers’ learning is extended beyond classroom. They are exposed to practical and real-life examples as pupils apply their learning to authentic situations. The Department hopes that the experience gained will garner them to instil a positive attitude towards Mathematics and its uses in their daily lives.
     3. Provision of Opportunities through Talent Management
Math Stretch Programme is conducted for selected Primary 3 to Primary 5 Frontierers who have a strong foundation in Mathematics. These enrichment programmes aim to:
  • To stimulate and develop Frontierers’ creative thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • To enhance flexibility in Frontierers’ thinking and to expand their horizon that Mathematics learning is fun, exciting and challenging through a framework of problem solving approach
     2. Working with our parents
As a Collaborative Partner, Parent Workshops are held annually to empower and equip parents with the relevant skills to support their child’s learning at home. Parents will also gain a deeper understanding on the strategies our teachers are using in the classroom and can help to reinforce relevant mathematical concepts too! We are heartened to receive favourable feedback from parents on the workshops the department has been conducting. Do look forward to the upcoming workshops that the Math Department is organising for the parents!