Science Dep 3

Department Heads and Members

science department 2
Miss Lee Yan Ying, Aderine Andrielle (HOD) Mrs Chong - Pang Chu Keng (LH)
Mr Nelson Tong Meng Yang Mdm Ng Xiao Wei Serene
Miss Nur Atiqah Syahirah Miss You Xueli
Miss Li Shaohui Mr Lin Renyi
Ms Cheng Voon Yen Ms Carrie Soh Kar Ling
Miss Teo Wei Ting Mrs Michelle Tan Soh Soke Mei
Key Approaches:
  • Inquiry learning
    • Pupils will be exposed to authentic learning via different opportunities and resources such as hands-on Science lessons and outdoor lessons so as to spark interest in Science learning.
      • Science Experiments
  • Pupils will learn scientific literacy and research skills through annual Science Projects as they engage in collaborative learning with their peers.
  • 5 E’s of Inquiry-Based Learning
Science Dep 5
Pupils are encouraged and trained in the following answering technique
  • Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER)
    • Pupils will be trained to use C-E-R to apply relevant scientific concepts in different contexts of Science questions.
Science Dep 6

Key Programmes

  • Science Center Workshops
  • Frontier Primary School Science Fair 2019 (Mathematics & Science Week)
  • Science Excellence 2000 (E2K) Programme