Sci 1

Department Heads and Members

Miss Andrielle Lee (HOD) Mrs Chong - Pang Chu Keng (LH)
Miss Nur Atiqah Syahirah Mdm Ng Xiao Wei Serene
Miss Li Shaohui Miss You Xueli
Ms Cheng Voon Yen Mr Lin Renyi
Mrs Michelle Tan Soh Soke Mei Mrs Carrie Laksman
Mr Ganges Lim Mrs Yong Kay Koon
As Science Teachers, we are Leaders of Inquiry in the Science classroom. We seek to:
  • create a safe learning environment that will encourage and challenge our students to develop their sense of inquiry.
  • Impart excitement and value of science to students, facilitate and role model inquiry process.
Key Approaches:
Inquiry-based Learning Through 5E Model

The 5E model provides a framework for a constructivist, guided-inquiry approach where students are supported to think and work scientifically by gathering and analysing evidence, and communicate their ideas with others.


Sci 2
Through different opportunities and resources such as hands-on activities, research and experiments and out-of-classroom experiences, we hope to spark our students' interest as they embark on a quest to understand the environment and things around us better.
Hands-On Activities, Research and Experiments
Extension Of Learning Through Out-of-Classroom
 Learning Experiencesss
Learning Journeys to places such as Science Centre and Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve etc
Outdoor learning at the school garden and hydroponics
Extension Of Learning Through Key Programmes 

Key Approaches

Communicating scientific reasoning through the Claim-Evidence-Reason approach

Students will be guided to use the Claim-Evidence-Reason approach to apply relevant scientific concepts and communicate scientific reasoning in different contexts.
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