Design and Innovation (Robotics and New Media Club)

Design and Innovation
CCA Information: Frontier Primary School adopts a tiered approach in the delivery of lessons for Robotics. Robotics is progressive in nature with each tier undergirded by a specific focus and students’ participation. With the strong foundation laid in Tier 1, students can progress to Tier 2 and 3 to extend their learning to be creative problem-solvers.New Media includes the development of digital skills in photography and videography. This extends the learning beyond Robotics where students are given opportunities to apply the skills learnt. They will enhance their creativity and confidence via different media platforms.

By the end of Primary 6, students would have mastered:

• Digital skills
• Skills in Robotics Construction and Programming (Beginner Level – Tier 1)
• Skills in Robotics Construction and Programming (Intermediate Level – Tier 2)
• Skills in Robotics Construction and Programming (Advanced Level – Tier 3)

For Whom: P3 to P6 students
CCA Objectives: Design and Innovation CCA aims to develop students:

  • to think independently and critically, and communicate effectively (21CC – Confident Person)
  • to work in teams, is innovative, takes calculated risks and strives for excellence (21 CC – Active Contributor)
  • to take an active role in bettering the lives of others and is informed about Singapore and the world (21CC – Concerned Citizen)
  • to question, reflect, persevere and takes responsibility for own learning (21 CC – Self-directed Learner)
Teacher In-Charges:
Miss Neo Jie Qi (1st IC)
Mr Mohammed Nidzam (2nd IC)
Mdm Liyanna Johan
Mdm Chia Tze Miang Rachel
Miss You Xueli
Miss Soh Kar Ling, Carrie
Schedule: Mondays, 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Digital Den Red, Blue, Purple
Attire: Pupils are to be in their school uniform unless otherwise stated.