Art Club

Art Club
CCA Information: The Art Club gathers pupils with interest in the visual arts to come together and learn more about art. Throughout the year, pupils are exposed to various forms and mediums to enhance creativity and self-expression. Ceramics, painting, illustration and printmaking are just some examples of what the pupils might learn.

The Art Club provides a platform for pupils to showcase their talent beyond the curriculum. Learning journeys to museum and art workshops expose pupils to build appreciation and awareness of art beyond the school. Opportunities to represent the school in various Art Competitions will be a common affair.

For Whom: Boys and Girls
CCA Objectives: Pupils will learn to:

a.      Develop creativity and self-expression through various art forms.

b.      Expose themselves to new techniques and mediums through art-making, learning journeys and art workshops.

c.      Strive for excellence through participation in art competitions.

Teacher In-Charges: Mrs Anisia Teng (I/C)

Ms Norazimah (2 I/C)

Ms Guo Xuan Yun

Miss Peh Shu Yu

Miss Loh Su-En

Schedule: Mondays, 2:15 p.m.  to 4:30 p.m. @ Art Room
Attire: Pupils will be in PE attire unless otherwise stated.

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