Key Personnel

English Language Department

Vincent Chua
Mr Chua Boon Meng, Vincent
HOD/English Language


"I believe in promoting the joy of reading and learning in order to build a positive learning attitude in our pupils. Pupils must feel curious and excited when they come to school. I will continue to motivate and inspire our pupils to become gracious individuals and passionate learners."


Tel ext: 124


mdm toh bee choo
Mdm Toh Bee Choo, Ann
LH/English Language


“Every child is unique and there is no single method to reach out to all. Hence, I believe in using different approaches in my teaching and that all pupils are capable of learning. As an educator, my constant goal is to ignite my pupils’ love for learning and ensure every child realises his/her fullest academic potential.”



Tel ext: 242

miss nur shirin bte yaman yuen
Mdm Nur Shirin Bte Yaman Yuan
LH/English Language


“Learning comes in many forms. As an educator, I hope that I can model learning for my pupils and engage them effectively and positively. I strongly believe that pupils can learn not just from what we teach but also from the experiences we can give them”



Tel ext: 228

mr yang qidong
Mr Yang Qidong, Alan
ST/English Language


“A consistent and positive classroom climate helps bring out and develops a pupil's potential. At the same time, it offers a safe environment to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. This is the ideal classroom I try to create every day I teach in class.”



Tel ext: 224

miss lim weiqing eulindra
Miss Lim Weiqing, Eulindra
ST/English Language


“I believe that every child has the ability to excel when provided with adequate support. I endeavour thus to provide this support and help mould the pupils under my charge so that they possess the knowledge and values necessary for them to achieve their best potential in life.”



Tel ext: 205

Mathematics Department

Mdm Yap Huie Yuan


"Anchoring on the belief that every individual matters, space and opportunities must be provided for our children to make decisions and solve problems.  I will continue to lead, care and inspire so as to encourage my fellow teachers to engage in continual learning and be the difference to our children."



Tel ext: 120

Mrs Lee - Neo Jie Qi


"I believe every student wants to and can learn.  It is my responsibility as an educator to provide a safe environment that will foster maximum learning and meet each student's individual needs. I also aim to develop a growth mindset in my students by helping them understand that with effective effort, practice and perseverance, all students can succeed."



Tel ext: 212

miss eugena ooi weiling
Miss Eugena Ooi Weiling


“I believe both the mind and heart need to be educated. I encourage pupils to develop an inquisitive mind, express themselves confidently and be passionate about learning. I highly regard the importance of building partnership with parents and educators to help every child achieve his/her fullest potential.”



Tel ext: 241

mr soh boon yew vincent
Mr Soh Boon Yew, Vincent


“I believe in providing children with a holistic learning experience where they gain knowledge and skills on how to develop a good character and become a good person who can contribute to the society. I also believe that learning has to be meaningful so that the learners will see connection to what they have learnt to their daily lives.”



Tel ext: 284

mdm chua si wei
Mdm Chua Si Wei


“There is a brilliant child in every pupil. Through my teaching, I hope to bring out the brilliance in each of my pupils. I like my pupils to be thoughtful people. Hence, it is important for me to teach the children how to think.”



Tel ext: 209

Science Department

Andrielle Lee
Miss Lee Yan Ling, Aderine Andrielle

"I believe education is a lifelong journey, and every child can LEARN, ACHIEVE and CONTRIBUTE in their unique ways. I'm grateful for the opportunity to journey together with Frontierers to discover more about themselves, others and the environment around them. As we explore and grow together, I hope Frontierers will develop their strengths, interests and positively impact the people and environment around them."



Tel ext: 130

miss pang chu keng
Mrs Chong - Pang Chu Keng


“I believe that learning is to pass on knowledge so that others can reap the benefits of the learning process and its outcomes. This is why I teach. I strongly believe that the values that pupils learn will form a lasting core that enable them to use their knowledge & skills to excel in their lives & benefit others.”



Tel ext: 243

Mother Tongue Department

mrs loh-lim cheng nee
Mrs Loh - Lim Cheng Nee, Mary
HOD/Mother Tongue


“I believe every Frontierer is unique and has the potential to excel if they put their mind to it. I wish to become a source of endless Motivation, Encouragement and Inspiration for them so that they can achieve their goals and realize their dreams.”



Tel ext: 126

mdm lee hao yih dorcas
Mdm Lee Hao Yih, Dorcas
SH/Chinese Language


“Education is about nurturing individuals into: A compass that directs one onto the right path, a torch that illuminates and brightens the lives of others, a melody that sings and spreads the message of love & courage.”



Tel ext: 229

mdm sri arianti bte ariffin
Mdm Sri Arianti Bte Ariffin
SH/Malay and Tamil Language


“An old African proverb says “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. This is true to my belief that the responsibility of moulding the child belongs to everyone. As such, with proper guidance and discipline, I feel that each and every child can and is able to learn AND reach his potential.”



Tel ext: 204

mdm chia qian lin
Mdm Chia Qian Lin
ST/Chinese Language


“I chose teaching as a career because my teachers made a large impact in my life and I aspire to be like them. Teaching offers me the opportunity to inspire students everyday so that they can become creative thinkers and future leaders. I hope that I can be the one to help them discover their potential.”



Tel ext: 273

Mrs Sudhakar - Mages Wari Ramasamy
ST/Tamil Language


I believe that all children are uncut diamonds needing only enough pressure to knock off the rough edges so that the brilliance placed in each of their hearts will always shine through.



Ext: 287

PE, ART, MUSIC (PAM) & CCA Department

mr tan choon seng anderson
Mr Tan Choon Seng, Anderson


“In educating children physically and intellectually, teachers help them make sense of themselves and the bigger world that they are a part of. We harnessing their potential and set up the right environment for them to learn and internalise acts of virtue with strong, upstanding beliefs."



Tel ext: 122

mr choo wee pin
Mr Choo Wee Pin
SH/PE & Sports


"Every child is unique. It is how we engage our pupils in their learning that will mould them into who they can become."



Tel ext: 213

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Department

Jeannett Lay
Miss Jeannett Lay Jia Xin


"A child’s smile melts everyone’s heart and it is even more heartening to see a child graduate from the six years of education with joy and happiness radiating from within him/her. In Frontier Primary School, our students, who are the future pillars of our nation, are at the forefront of everything. I strive to lead and work with the staff in building a G.R.E.A.T environment where our students grow, blossom and soar to greater heights."



Tel ext: 129

mdm nusraat begum bte akbar ali
Mdm Nusraat Begum Bte Akbar Ali


"Every child deserves the opportunity to grow and excel in his areas of passion. I strongly believe that it is imperative to understand a child's goals and dreams so that we can create opportunities for a meaningful and relevant educational experience for every child. These experiences will also mould him to become strong in character."



Tel ext: 244

mdm hannaria srihanum tumbuck
Mdm Hannaria Srihanum Tumbuck
ST/Learning Needs (Lower Primary)


“I believe that every pupil who enters my classroom can succeed. As a teacher, it is my duty to help pupils reach their full potential and enable them to be life-long learners. I believe pupils can be independent, yet have the skills necessary to work in a team.”



Tel ext: 208

mdm siti idzmaidar binte amir wahid
Mdm Siti Idzmaidar Binte Amir Wahid
ST/Educational Support


“In a classroom that instills a caring, safe and respectful environment, every student can blossom and grow. I believe that by engaging my students in meaningful learning experiences and guiding them through with the right values, they will grow to be motivated learners who are responsible, compassionate and have good self-awareness of their own strengths and potential.”




Tel ext: 279

mdm lim li-chern anisia
Mrs Teng - Lim Li-Chern, Anisia
ST/Learning Needs (Educational Support) 


“I believe that all children are gifted. My duty as a teacher is to uncover the children’s potential and steer them in the right direction so that they will fulfill their potential.”



Tel ext: 281

Info-Comm Technology (ICT) Department

mr mohammed nidzam bin zakariah
Mr Mohammed Nidzam Bin Zakariah


“In every student, a teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams. I am here to do just that!”



Tel ext: 246

School Staff Developer (SSD)

mdm rasidah bte mohd rasit
Mdm Rasidah Bte Mohd Rasit
School Staff Developer (SSD)


“I believe that pupils should be empowered to take charge of their own learning. They learn best when they are actively involved in real world activities as well as collaborating and making discoveries with their peers. My role as a teacher is not as the information giver, but a coach, facilitator and co-learner.”



Tel ext: 128

Student Management Department

mrs teo ming hui
Mrs Teo - Lim Ming Hui
HOD/Student Management


“I believe that education is the key to success in life. Education encompasses not only the transfer of knowledge but also to inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill a love of learning.”



Tel ext: 127

miss su-en loh
Mrs Lim - Su-en Loh
SH/Student Management (Internal)


“In the words of Aristotle, “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. I aim to help my pupils reach their potential academically, and inculcate strong moral values and character in them as I believe these are what make up the foundation of lasting success.”



Tel ext: 200

mrs stephanie ong
Mrs Stephanie Ong - Ho Qian Hui
SH/Student Well-Being (Internal)


“I truly believe that every child is capable of reaching their potential in everything that they do with proper guidance. I aim to equip students with not only knowledge and skills, but also with love, empathy and kindness, so that they may succeed in life while experiencing real joy.”



Tel ext: 214

Chan Chok Seng
Mr Chan Chok Seng
Year Head P1/2


"I believe that every child can learn and want to learn. My vision is for every child to experience the joy of learning through my lessons and they will embrace learning as a lifelong pursuit."



Tel ext: 131

mdm soh wee hong
Mdm Soh Wee Hong, Nellie
Year Head P4/5


“I believe that every child should enjoy going to school and gain meaningful experiences each day of their school life. To me, being a teacher to a child, it is important for me to bond with the pupils as well as to inculcate in them the right values; apart from teaching them the curriculum.”



Tel ext: 125

mdm luk meng lee
Mdm Luk Meng Lee
Year Head P3/6


"As a teacher, I believe all pupils can be nurtured to be wholesome individuals. With our total curriculum in place, I am confident that pupils' potential can be realized to the fullest, and they will be equipped to pursue their passions and serve the community."



Tel ext: 132