Physical Education, Arts & Music

PE, Art and Music (PAM) @ Frontier

The school believes that a child needs to be holistically developed well to be able to thrive and succeed in the face of challenges in the uncertain world that they grow up to be a part of. Subjects such as Physical Education, Art, Music and Co-Curricular Activities play a crucial role in imbuing our pupils with strong fundamentals and values that allow them to be socially mobile and adaptable to changes through their participation and experience in sports and the arts.

We want our Frontierers to grow to be Confident Learners, Adaptable Individuals and Passionate Leaders, ready to face the rapidly-changing world while demonstrating resilience, empathy, sportsmanship and appreciation for the arts. Imbued with a strong moral compass to guide them in their actions, our frontierers will make/be that difference.

Our Vision and Mission

To achieve the desired outcomes of PAM, Frontier Primary’s commitment to drive quality sports and arts programmes through the PAM committee include

  • Offering structured broad-based programmes that expose pupils to a range of sports, games and art forms

  • Implementing a well-designed CCA structure for P1-P6 so that they can participate in a buffet of activities across different domains (sports, aesthetics, outdoor, cognitive) and subsequently make their own CCA choice at P3 and beyond.

  • Implementing a values-based dance programme (danceFRONT) to all levels

  • The promotion and integration of sports/arts education across curriculum

  • Building an active sports/arts culture through enrichment programmes and Sports Education Programmes

  • Implementing a structured Fitness And Nutrition Programme (FAN+) to instil responsible, active and healthy living habits in our pupils

  • Offering a variety of sports and arts curriculum, and enrichment programmes that achieve the goals of PAM education

  • Delivering a quality PE, Art and Music curriculum through implementation of lesson structure, assessment and customized level programmes across all levels

Our Approach

3Es / 3-Tiers of programmes

  • Enjoy – Introduction and create awareness

  • Enrich – Deepen knowledge and broaden horizons

  • Empower – Opportunities to shine in their own way

Our 3Es/ 3-Tiered Approach to PAM Programme Design and Implementation

Key Programmes to deliver PAM outcomes and 21st Century Competencies


Our Team:



Mr Anderson Tan

PE Coordinator / Subject Head PE and Sports (Internal)

Mr Choo Wee Pin

Art Coordinator / Senior Teacher (Art)

Miss Guo Xuan Yun

Music Coordinator

Miss Peh Shu Yu