School Culture

FRONTIER - A School with a G.R.E.A.T Culture

  • Graciousness - Respect, abundance mentality, gratitude, team success & failures, Role-modelling, Embrace Differences, Responsibility and accountability in actions, Firm (in belief and approach)
  • Rigour - Resilience, Embrace Differences, Reflect deeply, catering to differentiated needs, variety of platforms to learn, exhibit and excel, celebrate with dignity and pride, forward in planning, Provide (connections)
  • Enterprise - Resilience, Respect. Embrace Differences, daring to explore and attempt, innovate and embark on calculated risks, willingness to contribute beyond, motivated to learn, striving for peaks of excellence
  • Affirmation -  Care, Embrace Differences, Role-modelling, positive education, Inspire (understanding)
  • Thinking - Integrity, Loyalty, Responsibility, constructive mindset, Reflect deeply, Elicit The Shine (in the eyes)