Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Department

Our Vision

Every Frontierer is a Confident Thinker, Adaptable Individual and Passionate Leader with good character

Our Mission

To nurture character and build competencies in Frontierers through actualising our G.R.E.A.T. Culture and holistic curriculum

Department Heads and Members

Miss Jeannett Lay Jia Xin (HOD)
 Mdm Nusraat Begum Bte Akbar Ali (SH)
Mdm Hannaria Srihanum (ST/LP)
Mdm Siti Idzmaidar (ST/Ed Support)
Mrs Teng - Lim Li-Chern, Anisia (ST/Ed Support)
Mr Ben Chua Kian Guan
Miss Chen Peishi
Mdm Sabrina Zhang
Ms Siti Nur Aishah Binte Mohamad Zainudin
Mdm Aneesah Beevi Bte Asah
Mdm Chia Tze Miang Rachel
Mrs Raspal Singh
Frontier Primary School (FPS) adopts a school-wide approach in creating a caring and enabling environment to meet students’ needs. Our school lays the foundation that supports learning by paying more careful attention to relationship building (e.g. the quality of Teacher-Student Relationship, Peer Relationship) in order to build resilience, develop character, citizenship and future readiness in Frontierers.
Aside from building a caring and enabling environment for Frontierers to learn at FPS through relationship building, we aspire to develop Frontierers to be Confident Thinkers, Adaptable Individuals and Passionate Leaders with good character through the CCE fundamental building blocks. Based on the three big CCE ideas of Identity, Relationships and Choices, these fundamental building blocks comprise the learning of core values, social and emotional competencies, and citizenship dispositions. The CCE fundamental building blocks at Frontier include subjects like Form Teachers Guidance Period (FTGP), CCE MT / NTIL, Social Studies as well as learning experiences like commemorating four National Education events, Values in Action (VIA) activities and assembly programmes linked to CCE outcomes.

Department's Highlights

Values in Action (VIA) by Frontierers

Commemorative Events in Frontier

Total Defence Day (002)
Total Defence Day
International Friendship Day (002)
International Friendship Day
Racial Harmony Day (002)
Racial Harmony Day
National Day (002)
National Day