Nurturing the Thinking F.A.C.E for Tomorrow

(Frontierers who are Adaptive, Communicative and Empowered)



The evolving silhouettes depict the progression and transformation of Frontierers during a 6 years’ school journey.
Premised on a futuristic view of building Strong Fundamentals for Future Learning, we nurture our students to unleash their potential and transcend boundaries, forging breakthroughs as empowered Frontierers in unchartered waters.
The school colours of green and orange are harmoniously blended with other colours to symbolize the growth of Frontierers as holistic trailblazers who embrace the future with confidence and competence, and shining brightly to illuminate self and others.


Frontier’s Approach to Nurturing the Thinking F.A.C.E (Frontierers who are Adaptive, Communicative & Empowered) for Tomorrow is a consolidation of the school’s multi-pronged efforts to infuse thinking as a tool for constructing knowledge and acquisition of the 21CC. Our diverse learning experiences delivered through the ACE (Accelerate, Connect, Extend) Framework drives to support the school’s vision of nurturing “Confident Thinkers. Adaptable Individuals. Passionate Leaders.” Align to the school’s vision, learning in our ALP is designed to equip our pupils with the fundamental skills of communication and thinking to brace them for the 21st century workforce.

Objectives of ALP

  1. To enable all Frontieriers to express ideas and thoughts clearly and effectively.
  2. To cultivate and enhance Frontieriers critical and creative Thinking skills.
  3. To provide opportunity for Frontieriers to build character and relationships by influencing interactions positively.
Singapore is at the crossroads of a restructuring effort to meet the global demands of a knowledge-based economy.  While we focus on nurturing the thinking face for tomorrow so that our students can be confident thinkers, adaptable individuals and passionate leaders, we also empower them with the essential skills through Reflective Thinking.

Stay future-ready: Refreshed Curriculum

With changes to SBA, the use of freed-up curriculum time allows our students to focus on the  process of learning. The P3-P5 IPW activities are designed to enable students to learn deeply and apply their knowledge and skills across various subjects and domains.

Nurturing Frontierers who are Adaptive, Communicative and Empowered for tomorrow through ALP Structure

In Frontier, we help our students to acquire Communication and Thinking skills through Experiential Learning via our ALP Lessons that are conducted weekly. After acquiring the thinking and communication skills, our students will apply these skills through Project-Based Learning via P3-P5 Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW). The skill set acquired is also deepned through Maker@Frontier.
  1. Acquisition of Communication and Thinking skills through Experiential Learning (Weekly ALP Lessons)
  • Nurturing Adaptive & Communicative Frontierers through :
  • Learn & Explore Through Play
  • News/ Financial Literacy
  1. Application of Communication & Thinking skills through Project-Based Learning (P3-5 IPW)
Thematic-Based Approach in our IPW
P3 Young Communicator
P4 Young Investigator
P5 Young Explorer


      3. Empowering Frontierers through Maker@Frontier
  • Nurturing Empowered Frontierers through Robotics Programme

Building of Staff Capacity

In Frontier, we believe that our staff is the key drivers of the ALP. To develop a dynamic and inspiring school team, a training road map is mapped out for our staff starting from building capacity of the Core Team, to all staff and individual staff. There are various workshops specially set aside for the facilitation of weekly ALP lessons and IPW lessons.


Maker@Frontier aims to create an intentional space for our Frontierers to grow and stretch themselves through trial and error experiences and to imbue creative thinking in them. Through the Maker activities designed ofr our students, we aim to develop Frontierers who are Adaptive, Communicative and Empowered for tomorrow.
We are delighted to announce that Maker@Recess will continue to be conducted in the iMaker Lab for Primary 1 to Primary 4 students in 2022. Our students will go through the  4 steps in Maker Process:
  • Act
  • Plan
  • Make
  • Reflect
Ours students will be exposed to unstructured play and make use of recycled materials such as cardboards, plastic bottles, toilet rolls and aluminium foil to solve the issue presented to them. They can experiment and refine their creation over the learning process.