Our Vision: 

Inspire.Create.Transform. (I.C.T.)

Inspire –

  • Innovative ways of leveraging on ICT to enhance teaching and learning

reate –

  • A systematic framework for students to acquire new media literacy baseline ICT skills and the competencies to employ various ICT tools appropriately
  • Pockets of opportunities for student collaboration and self-directed learning
  • Platforms to engage our various stakeholders

Transform –

  • The learning environment into one that is technology-rich and borderless
  • The teachers’ outlook to become ICT-inclined and ICT-enthused
  • Our students, the digital natives, into discerning and responsible ICT users

21st Century Competencies 21st Century Competencies

Source: MOE website



MOE ICT Masterplan 4

Source: MOE website

Key Approaches

New Media Literacy Standards
  • Integrate the various new media literacy skills into the curriculum to make the learning more relevant and authentic for the students.
    • Most of the lessons will be taught in school whereas some of the tasks will be for the students to complete at home.
    • This is done with the support of and in consultation with the various department heads so that the skills will be taught meaningfully and with context, instead of in isolation.
    • Examples include email-writing in P5 English and familiarizing with creating text and including media in Microsoft Word. Some other skills involved also include collaborating with one another via the SLS platform through the various tasks assigned (including IPW and post-assembly programmes).
    • Some of the skill sets involved are not subject-specific – such as being able to save documents and look up relevant information from reliable and trustworthy sources. However, some are – such as reading data (in Science) and digital media exploration (in Art).
  • ICT department members will kick-start and spearhead the package creation and scheduling for the subject teachers to carry out at different points of time during the term. This will be in discussion with the department heads and members to ensure that the IT devices (i.e. iPads and Chromebooks, laptops) and digital dens are available and sufficient for use. Prior to the lessons, the subject teachers involved will undergo a teacher training.
Cyber Wellness
  • A comprehensive package that encompasses different platforms and avenues for the students to learn and apply cyber wellness.
    • FTGP
    • Assembly talks (differentiated)
    • Engage the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors to promote cyber wellness through creation of short video clips, pamphlets, etc.
    • HBL tasks for students to engage with their parents at home and win some customized tokens
    • ICT Matters in monthly iN-Touch articles
Digital Lifeskills Programme
  • The skill sets for the levels have been carefully discussed and chosen to suit the students’ ability and level of readiness as well as to allow for progression across the 6 years in Frontier Primary. In 2021, we have decided to move towards interest-based to move towards a more student-centric arrangement for the students. Some of these skill sets are also integrated within the curriculum to allow the transition to be a smoother one for the students.
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