Environmental Science CCA

Environmental Science CCA
CCA Information:

To inculcate responsibility in pupils to take good care of the environment through recycling activities, gardening and outdoor learning journeys / exhibitions.

Pupils will help to create awareness in the school to keep the school environmentally friendly.

For Whom: Boys and Girls
CCA Objectives: Pupils will learn to

a. Instill a sense of responsibility for the environment and commitment to protect and preserve it.

b. Create awareness about green environment in school and advocate to maintain it

c. Develop a deeper understanding of Recycling, Reusing and Reduce

d. Educate and cultivate an appreciation and interest in the environment.

Teacher In-Charges: Mrs Chong – Pang Chu Keng (I/C)

Mrs Rasphal Singh (CO I/C)

Mdm Ng Xiao Wei Serene

Mdm Jeeva Rekha d/o Selvam

Mdm Mardiana Bte Abdul Manap

Schedule: Mondays, 2:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Primary 3: 4-Integrity 3 Classroom

Primary 4: 6-Loyalty 1 Classroom

Primary 5: 3-Responsibility 2 Classroom

Primary 6: 5-Resilience 1 Classroom

Attire: Pupils will be in school uniform unless otherwise stated.