String Ensemble


String Ensemble
CCA Information:
Frontier Primary String Ensemble (FPSE) is established in 2014. It caters to the needs of pupils with a love for music and plays a complementary role in enriching the school’s music programmes. It is also the school’s representative group that performs at different platforms. It introduces pupils to the fundamentals of music theory and technical aspects of the instruments in the string family----violin, viola, cello or double bass.
The ensemble, under the baton and leadership of our main conductor, Ms Stella who is the founder and music director of International W&Y Music School 2005. Together with her, is a team of high-level international professional musicians.
As this CCA is applicable for P3-P6 pupils with music / violin or cello background, P1-P2 interested participants could enrol themselves in Violin/Cello Enrichment Class to build up their foundation in string-instrument-playing (Registration for existing VEP/CEP members is always at the end of the same year. Registration for new VEP/CEP members will be at Term 1 of the new year. Registration is at school canteen, 1-2pm. Parents have to come down personally to register with the music company.)
Each newly joined member (VEP/CEP/CCA) will need to prepare a black file on their own for scores keeping. They would also need to purchase or rent their own instruments.
For Whom:
Pupils from VEP/CEP or Pupils with music background.
CCA Objectives:
Pupils will learn to:
  1. Pursue aesthetic excellence and enriching musical experiences
  2. Develop confidence and passion as a musician
  3. Foster character building and develop social emotional awareness
  4. Cultivate the love and joy of music making
Teacher In-Charges:
Mdm Dorcas Lee (IC)
Mdm Li Jia Yang (CCA IC)
Mdm Tina Lim (VEP IC)
Mdm Siti Wahida (VEP)
Mdm Bek Lai Lee (CCA)
Mondays 2.15 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Fridays (selected members only) 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Concerto Room (CCA) / Sonatina Room & Danzare (VEP/CEP)
Pupils are to be in their uniform or P.E attire.
Other Information:
Selected members of CCA Group will be participating in SYF 2020