Digital Lifeskills Programme (DLP)

Broad Outcomes:

The Digital Lifeskills Programme in Frontier Primary aims to prepare our pupils with the necessary digital skills and behaviours required in this current digital age. Pupils will be given opportunities to have hands-on sessions on how to take photographs, edit and make collages and pick up basic stop-motion and coding skills. By the end of Primary 6, pupils would have acquired a range of skills and strategies to enable them to use technology to help with presentation and sharing of information. Through these programmes, pupils are encouraged to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively, which are essential life skills in the 21st century.


Key Programmes

For Pupils

Pupils in the lower primary will have practical sessions on basic photography. These sessions have been infused into their PAL lessons. Pupils in the middle block will learn photo-editing during P3 SCCA while the Primary 4 pupils will try their hands at creating stop-motion animation. The pupils in the upper block will be involved in learning basic coding, where they will learn to create interactive stories and animation for sharing.

For Staff

The Frontier staff also had practical sessions to brush up their digital skills to keep up with the times. Our staff have attended a basic photography lesson, where they picked up some of the skills that the lower primary pupils are learning. Also, they learnt how to edit pictures using apps on their mobile phones.

For Parents

The annual ICT Parents’ workshop, Snap-IT!, also aims to equip parents with some of the digital skills their children will have picked up in Frontier. The workshops, which provided exposure to parents on basic photography skills, photo-editing and cyber wellness, have been well-received so far. This is due to the interactive nature of the workshops.

farisha-collageCollage done by Farisha Husna, 3 Resilience (2015)
parent-child-bondingParent-Child Bonding at the Snap-IT! ICT parents’ workshop in 2014