Cyber Wellness

Broad outcomes:

  • Pupils will be learners who are safe, respectful and responsible in the use of information and communication technology.
  • Pupils will be equipped with sound values and social-emotional competencies to navigate their use of cyberspace.
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We also get the parents involved by having a column on ‘ICT Matters’ in our monthly newsletter, iN-Touch. The articles feature some tips from reliable and relevant sources as well as activities that may help / guide parents in regulating the children’s use of technology.
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Learning Experiences

1. Cyber Wellness Week via recess activities
Frontier adopts the module of learning through play during our annual Cyber Wellness Week via the recess activities for all pupils. It aims to transform classroom learning of the cyber wellness messages to learning experiences where our pupil apply  what they have learnt.


2. Cyber Wellness Ambassadors
Aspiring pupils with a keen interest in cyber wellness were specially trained to be ambassadors who share cyber wellness messages. These pupils created their own games and made videos to inspire and educate their fellow Frontierers.