Thinking Silhouette

Thinking Silhouette is a customised thinking model that helps the school realise our vision of developing our pupils into ‘Confident Thinkers’. Each thinking silhouette is a profile of one facet of a person’s thinking. When the different thinking silhouettes are aggregated, it shows the person’s thinking capabilities or capacities. The six silhouettes include ‘The Curious Explorer’, ‘The Positive Inventor’, ‘The Sharp Evaluator’, ‘The Passionate Communicator’, ‘The Intuitive Thinker’ and ‘The Respectful Ethicist’.
Visible thinking routines from Harvard Project Zero have been adopted in the Thinking Silhouette programme. These routines are simple structures with a set of questions or a short sequence of steps that are used across levels and subjects. The routines become the ways in which students go about the process of learning. In using the routines over and over again during curriculum and co-curricular activities such as the Interdisciplinary Project Work, the routines will become part of the classroom and school culture.