Student Care Center


The school-based student care centre (SCC) at Frontier Primary School is available only to students of Frontier Primary School. The SCC aims to provide a safe, structured and conducive environment for rest and learning after school hours. Students in SCC will have many opportunities to develop social and emotional competencies, and foster positive relationships with others.
As part of the daily SCC programme, students will also have structured time and a conducive environment to complete homework assigned by school. However, do note that SCC does not provide academic support programmes, which are instead carried out by students’ respective academic subject teachers.
The total enrolment of the SCC in 2020 will be 240, out of which at least 40 will be reserved for incoming 2020 P1 students.
Starting from the 2016 P1 cohort onwards, students may remain in the SCC only until the end of their P4 year. This is so that the school can have the capacity to support our future younger students.
After the P1 Registration Exercise is over, the school will provide parents of 2020 P1 students who have successfully enrolled into Frontier Primary with information on the application process, via hard copy mail.
In allocating available places, priority will be given to applications citing exceptional reasons.
2020 Primary 1 students with sibling(s) already registered with the SCC will be given priority to register with the SCC.
Service Provider
The SCC service provider at Frontier Primary School is Raffles Student Care Centre LLP. For any clarifications on programmes, services and fees, kindly contact
Ms Aqilah
Tel: 62514052 or
Mdm Aishah
 H/ P: 83689694
(Mon to Fri, 1pm to 6:00pm)