Our Teachers’ Achievements

Culture of Learning

To empower and motivate staff for professional development to support quality teaching and learning, the following teachers have successfully completed milestone programme.


MOE Service Excellence Award

Mohammed Nidzam Bin Zakariah

Aneesah Beevi Bte Amssah


You Xue Li

Anisah Bte Amat

Chong-Pang Chu Keng

Huang Fang

Li Jia Yang

Li Shao Hui

Liyanna Bte Johan

Siti Nur Aisha Binte Mohamad Zainudin

Wang Wan

Yap Huijing Marie Noele



Innergy Commendation Award
Team members of F@CE (ALP).


The Public Administration Medal (Silver)
Mrs Tonnine Chua


The Commendation Medal
Mrs Teo Ming Hui


National Day Commendation Award
Mrs Daphne Choy
Mr Chan Chok Seng



Management and Leadership in Schools Programme (17 weeks full-time programme)
Mdm Toh Bee Choo
Mdm Lee Hao Yih Dorcas


Instructional Mentor Training (Instructional Mentoring Programme)
Mrs Anisia Teng
Mdm Hannaria Srihanum


Management and Leadership in Schools Programme (17 weeks full-time programme)
Mdm Nusraat Begum


Teacher Leaders Programme 1 (10-week full-time programme)
Mdm Chia Qian Lin

Affirmation (Staff Awards)


Scouts Distinguished Award


In recognition of her valuable contribution and significant service to the The Singapore Scout Association. She has served the SSA for almost 20 years.
Mrs Annabelle Tan


MOE Division-Level Innovation Award
The MOE Division-Level Innovation Award recognises MOE staff who has injected innovation in the work to improve the experience of the division's internal or external stakeholders.
Ms Jeannett Lay Jia Xin


Caring Teacher Award (organised by National Institute of Education)
The Caring Teacher Awards is organised by the National Institute of Education every year to acknowledge teachers who go beyond the call of duty for the holistic development of their pupils and to ensure that their charges grow up to be confident and independent learners for our nation. The following teachers have been awarded the Caring Teacher Award this year:
Ms Lim Weiqing Eulindra

Ms Su-En Loh

Ms Hannaria Srihanum Tumbuck


 Ms Lim Lan Shii

Mr Tan Choon Seng Anderson

The MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA)
The MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA) recognises MOE staff who are passionate in service delivery, consistent in serving our stakeholders and partners with C.A.R.E (courtesy, accessibility, responsiveness and effectiveness). The following officers have been awarded the MSEA 2020 in recognition of their service excellence:
Platinum and Gold
Mr Wong Teong Man

Ms Hannaria Srihanum Tumbuck


 Ms Lim Lan Shii

Mdm Lee Hao Yih Dorcas

Mdm Aneesah Beevi Bte Amssah

Mdm Norhayati Binte Ibnor

Mdm Nusraat Begum Bte Akbar Ali

Ms Peh Shu Yu

President’s Award for Teachers Nominees
Ms Lim Weiqing Eulindra
Mr Yang Qidong
Mdm Asmahwaty Binte Abdullah
Mdm Chua Si Wei
Mdm Heng Ju Imm
Inspiring Teacher of English Award Nominee
Ms Eulindra Lim


Abundance Mindset

As an affirmation to our teachers’ efforts in levelling up the quality of teaching of learning, the following teachers have shared with the teaching fraternity at various platforms at cluster and national levels.


Teachers Conference
Supporting Learning in Art Classrooms through Peer Feedback
Presenter: Ms Guo Xuanyun

West 3 Cluster Annual Chinese Sharing
Mdm Lim Lan Shii
Mr Li Lei

West 3 Cluster Networked Learning Circle
Mdm Li Jia Yang
Ms Lim Jing Xian
Mdm Li Yixian
Mdm Chia Qian Lin

AGAB Professional Sharing for Parents
Topic: Engaging Strategies using Non-conventional Drama Techniques to Enthuse Oracy Skill Amongst Parents and Children at Home
Presenter: Mdm Rasidah Mohd Rasit

iMTL Portal NLC Professional Sharing 2017
Topic: Effectiveness of iMTL Portal in the Teaching and Learning of Reading Comprehension
Amongst Primary 5 Pupils
Presenters: Mr Mohammed Nidzam Zakariah, Mdm Norhayati Ibnor