Information for Ex-Students

On becoming an ex-student of Frontier Primary, you join a distinguished group of people who have undergone an enriching Frontier experience. The school is proud of and celebrate all that has been achieved and will be achieved by our ex-students.

Visits by Ex-Students

We are grateful to see our ex-students making efforts to keep in contact with their former teachers who have made their time in Frontier so meaningful. However, as you know, our teachers have teaching and non-teaching duties starting even before the first bell for the day.

As such, we would like to ex-students intending to visit us to note the following guidelines – which are also applicable to all other visitors:

  • You must make prior appointments with teachers or other staff before visiting
  • When visiting, please be dressed in school attire and exhibit behaviour suitable in a school environment
  • Limit visiting hours to between 8 am to 5 pm
  • It is necessary to sign in for a visitor pass at the Security Post


Eve of Teachers’ Day

We welcome ex-students to visit their former teachers on the eve of Teachers’ Day between 10:30am to 12 noon. No prior appointment is needed for visits on this day. Please be dressed in your current school attire. As our staff will need to get ready for another Teachers’ Day function that is held on the same day, all pupils are to leave the school premises by 12 noon.


Keeping In Touch

We encourage ex-students to keep in touch with their former teachers via email. The email addresses of teachers can be found at


We also encourage ex-students to follow our Facebook page at



At this time, the school does not yet have a formal alumni group. We will provide more updates about any plans for an alumni group in the coming years.