Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Established in Jan 2015 with the purpose of using Dance Education to instill life skills and develop socio-emotional competencies in our pupils, DANCEFRONT has over the years been broadened to include other performing arts domains.

DANCEFRONT stands for : Dynamic Arts: Nurturing Cultured and Expressive FRONTierers


Our Vision:

Developing Adaptable, Cultured and Expressive Frontierers through DANCEFRONT


Our Philosophy:

Designing our programmes with DEEP Philosophy in mind:

Rich Diverse Experiences; Education and values as the focus; every Performance a milestone

By providing our pupils with diverse experiences, their view of the world will be expanded, developing them into adaptable and appreciative individuals. With every opportunity, our Frontierers will grow to become more confident and expressive each time they take their performance to the stage.