Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

F@CE (Frontier’s Approach to Communicating Effectively)



We know that our future world will be very different from today's in many ways. With the Internet Revolution, information is often literally just a click away. It is important that our young knows what questions to ask, how to sieve information and extract that which is relevant and useful. At the same time, they need to be discerning so that they can be able to analyze, solve problems and make good decisions in life, while adopting ethical practices in cyberspace.

The workplace of the 21st Century not only requires our young to be able to think critically, assess options and make sound decisions, they are also require to work together in a respectful manner to share responsibilities and make decisions with one another to meet group goals. Importantly, they should also be able to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively.

At the heart of preparing Frontierers to be future-ready, we seek to develop all Frontierers to be effective communicators who are able to articulate their knowledge and thinking clearly (CLARITY), confidently (CONFIDENCE) through critical thinking (THINKING) while being grounded in sound values (CHARACTER).

Objective of F@CE

  1. To enable all Frontieriers to express ideas and thoughts clearly and effectively.

  2. To cultivate and enhance Frontieriers critical and creative Thinking skills.

  3. To provide opportunity for Frontieriers to build character and relationships by influencing interactions positively.

Types of Communication focused in Frontier

Our Framework

 The framework of our ALP is shown above. The lightbulb is a symbol of Light, Connection, Invention and Intelligence. It’s also a strengthening force that lights up the truth. Communication is the ability to be make connections. It is an act of expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings and understanding to one another clearly and effectively. Therefore the lightbulb symbolizes the outcomes of our ALP.

Our 3E Approach


Tier 1 : Enable & Excite

Our pupils will have an opportunity to participate in diverse learning experiences created for them through our School Based Programme to strengthen their Communication Skills via Tier 1. One such signature programme is our CLAP (Cultural and Language Appreciation Programme). CLAP is a structured time put in place for teachers to harness pupils’ communication and thinking skills. During CLAP lessons, explicit teaching of communicating skills and thinking skills will be carried out by the teachers. Pupils will then have the opportunity to apply the skills learnt into practice through “I Love Literature” programme.

Thinking Routines infused via “I Love Literature” Programme

Using communication skills to influence interactions positively

Tier 2 : Enhance

Provision of opportunities are created for pupils who exhibit greater/exceptional aptitude and interest in communication skills. Through these platforms and learning experiences, our pupils will achieve higher levels of personal mastery as they see the meaningfulness of their roles in building school culture.

Making a difference and being the difference through effective communication