Baseline ICT

Broad outcome:

  • At the end of the primary education, all Frontierers will have acquired the necessary set of ICT skills and are well prepared to thrive in a fast-changing and highly-connected world.



  • Different sets of Baseline ICT modules are tailored to support curriculum learning of our pupils in the different levels. Elements of Media Literacy and age appropriateness have also been considered in Baseline ICT for meaningful learning and also to support pupils’ acquisition of the 21st Century skills.

  • All Frontierers will acquire the necessary ICT skills in progressive stages shown below

Level Baseline ICT Modules Objectives When? Platforms for practice/ Media Literacy Component
P1 Touch-IT!

Introduction to Touch Typing with BBC Dance Mat Typing.

· Increase  awareness on the basic parts of   a laptop· Place fingers on the base position

· Type capital letters, letters, symbols, spacing and backspace



Term 1

(Week 6 to 9)


. MC Online LMS Portal· Key Hero

· iPad touch typing games during Cyber Wellness week

· Moo-O

P2 Text-IT!

Introduction to Microsoft Office Word


· Create a Text document which includes short sentences with punctuation marks, upper and lower case letters, text box and pictures· Save and open a word document in a specified folder

· Change size, style and colour of  text



Term 1

(Week 5 to 8)


· e-Journal in  Term 2·Composition writing via Padlet in Term 3

· Communicate and share resources on MC Online Social Learning Wall

· Moo-O

P3 Point-IT!

Introduction to Microsoft Office PowerPoint

· Create a Presentation with Text and Graphics

· Change size, colour and position of text and graphics

· Organise text with bullet points and numbered styles.

Term 3 TBC


P4 Excel-IT!

Introduction to Microsoft Office Excel

· Create a spreadsheet and enter data into cells.· Edit and Format Data and Cells

· Manage and Process Small Data Sets by using formulae with at least one basic operation (+, -, *, / )

Term 2 TBC
P5 Code-IT! 

Introduction to Coding

· Increase  awareness on coding, digital literacy and computational thinking· Create animations, interactive stories and games Term 2 TBC