Baseline ICT

Broad outcome

Manage, create and share digital information respectfully, ethically and responsibly


Baseline ICT@Frontier has evolved over the years to remain relevant with the digital networked environment. The lessons are also aligned to our school vision to develop adaptable individuals, confident thinkers and passionate leaders.
These lessons include elements of New Media Literacy such as the ability to Create, Connect and Curate information. As seen in the framework by MOE Educational Technology Division (2018), the six core values of the 21st CC are in the heart of these interactions which anchor the learning experiences to develop a discerning and responsible user of technology.
Baseline 1
The lessons set out to achieve the following objectives. They enable pupils to:
  • Curate:
Use digital tools and sound judgement to locate, collect and select information for use in a principled manner
  • Create:
Use digital creation tools to craft, modify and combine different modes of information (images, audio clips, videos, etc.) to represent and share ideas and/or information.
  • Connect:
Use digital communication tools to participate in the exchange of information or ideas  
In Frontier Primary, the lessons are tailored to support curriculum learning of our pupils across the different levels. The pupils will undergo various lessons during curriculum in platforms such as IPW and PAL, on how to:
  • Operate computers and applications in ICT-enabled learning environment
  • Search for information and communicate over the internet
  • Create a word document using Microsoft word
  • Demonstrate proficiency in keyboarding skills
  • Represent tables of information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with multimedia elements
  • Operate peripheral equipment such as recording device
With these lessons in place, we hope to equip our Frontierers with the appropriate literacies to curate, create and connect with others to enable them to thrive in the new contexts of learning.
Sample of a Frontierer’s situational writing using Gmail interface

Sample of a Frontierer’s situational writing using Gmail interface

Baseline 3
Baseline 4
Baseline 5

Pupils at work during a touch-typing lesson

Image of the Mindclick interface for Microsoft Word (MS Word)