Learning Fest 2022

Our inaugural Learning Fest this year saw different departments and programmes coming together to synergise efforts in engaging our students and fostering their joy of learning across different subjects and programmes. Aligned the theme of Multicultural Mosaic in commemoration of Racial Harmony Day, Frontierers were able to explore our multicultural and diverse identity as Singaporeans through various learning experiences in both classrooms and out-of-classroom learning experiences. During CCE, FTGP and SS lessons, Frontierers learnt how each community have the space to express its own identity as part of unique cultural diversity in our Singapore society and continue to complement one another in our shared history and heritage.

During the class-based assembly, Frontierers were taken back in time to learning about vanishing trades of authentic local food such as traditional coffee stall, traditional kaya and bread and Kacang Puteh that were a common sight in the past. These trades help to facilitate the bonding of food among friends from different communities and form our shared identity in Singapore. Frontierers continued their time travel through English lessons where they were given a travel guidebook with interesting time travel facts and activities they could try. To encourage the use of the English language among Frontierers and motivate them to improve their standard of English, Frontierers had the opportunity to build their own time travel devices and develop creative time travel theories. To foster their love for reading and spark their curiosity further, Frontierers could also visit the exhibition at Frontopia, which showcased the most innovative time travel devices and theories. Frontierers were also encouraged to display their analytical skills by trying to identify the evil time traveller who had travelled from the future to stop her from controlling the time continuum.

As Frontierers raced against time to find the identity of the evil time traveller, they needed to find the secret code hidden as part of Mathematics, Science and Maker learning stations during recess. During the recess activities, Frontierers had the opportunity to explore concepts of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Harmony’ through Mathematics, Science and Maker activities using their mathematics and scientific skills. Frontierers were rewarded with tokens upon completing the recess activities and discovering the secret code.  

The Learning Fest week ended on a high with Book Character Day. Frontierers and teachers came to school dressed as time travellers, scientists, or even their younger/older selves. In class, Frontierers presented their characters and time travel theories along with the time travel devices they created. Several Frontierers presented actual theories or fascinating stories they found online, enticing their classmates to find out more.  

Beyond the classroom and out-of-classroom experiences, a group of Frontierers from SHINE programmes demonstrated their photography skills by capturing wonderful memories of the Learning Fest activities. To conclude the Learning Fest, Frontierers from the SHINE programme took the stage to showcase the beautifully taken photographs and share their reflection on what they have learnt about our Multicultural Mosiac and the values demonstrated by Frontierers throughout the various Learning Fest learning experiences.

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