Chinese New Year Celebration and Total Defence Day Commemoration

Frontier Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year and commemorated Total Defence Day on 11 February 2021. The commemoration of Total Defence Day is a good reminder of how grateful we should be in being able to celebrate Chinese New Year peacefully today. Over the years, despite facing many challenges, Singapore has really showed her resilience and learnt how to overcome them.

In Frontier Primary School, this festivity also marked the start of our series of 10th year anniversary celebrations lined up for this year. As part of the celebration, during the recesses on 10 February 2021, the CCE and MT departments designed engaging activities for students that allowed them to deepen their knowledge on the six pillars of Total Defence and the cultural aspects of Chinese New Year. Our Frontierers really enjoyed the activities.

Through the combined celebration and learning experience specially created for our Frontierers via recess as well as class-based activities, we believe that our Frontierers had learnt the cultural aspects of Chinese New Year, how they can exhibit the resilient Frontierer spirit and play their part in contributing to the nation’s Total Defence.

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