Total Defence Day 2020

Frontier Primary commemorated Total Defence Day on 10 February 2020. In line with this year’s theme, ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’, the school had planned meaningful class and recess activities to engage pupils and extend their learning in the six aspects of Total Defence.

Also, on that day, some staple food such as sweet potato porridge, cream crackers, buns and barley drink was sold by the canteen vendors during the recesses. This was to remind our pupils about the trying days of our forefathers during the Japanese Occupation. Booths were set up to teach young Frontierers on the importance of the different pillars of total defence  as well as teach them skills such as first aid to equip them for times of emergencies.

Pupils were excited to participate and engage in the different activities. Staff, parents, canteen vendors and pupils all got together to rally for our nation’s defence as one family.


View the photos here.