The 2nd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

This competition is jointly organised by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning, Anderson Primary School and Chinese Teachers Literary Recital Society.

The main objective of this competition is to raise the student’s level of Chinese Language reading proficiency, to ignite our pupils’ love for learning Chinese language and deepen their understanding
of the texts in their textbooks
through text recitals.


Lower Primary Individual Name Upper Primary Individual Name
Silver Gao Ping (1 RT 2) Silver Wang Mingle (4 IN 6)
Bronze Goh Xuan Yu (1 RT 5)
Lower Primary Group Names Upper Primary Group Names
Bronze Wong Xuan Lin, Kloey (2 CA 1)

Sun Bowei (2 CA 1)

Chen Jinhong (2 CA 6)

Silver Chloe Chen Sixuan (5 RE 4)

Fan Ming Hui (5 RE 4)

Heng Yu Ting (5 RE 4)

Bronze Qi Pengsen (3 RY 4)

Tan Sheng Han (3 RY 5)

Tan Yi Lin (3 RY 6)

Bronze Charmaine Ho Ke Xin (4 IN 2)

Joy Ng (4 IN 4)

Anthea Putt Yan Ning (4 IN 5)