Red Cross First Aid Championships 2019 – Silver Award

The championship was held to enable members to hone and showcase their readiness for First Aid emergencies. They had to go through 4 stations where they were tested on First Aid theory, identifying the First Aid Items, matching the injuries with the treatment, signs and symptoms and performed first aid on 4 casualties. Our school was represented by 13 links and they had to compete against 31 other primary schools.


Name Class
Hannah Rossa Bte Indra Herman 5RE1
Theressa Ang  5RE2
Lim Chen Xi Dylan Raoul 5RE2
Iffah Umairah Bte Sulaiman  5RE3
Wang Zhihao 5RE4
Li Sile Vanessa  5RE4
Ethan Leong Ju Hoi  5RE6
Yap Yan Ting 6LO2
Delaila Qistina Bte Azman 6LO3
Foong Xiang Lin  6LO4
Lucas Poh Hong Wei  6LO4
Lim Pei Qi  6LO5
Kaysha-Lea Bte Khernizam  6LO5