2019 Mother Tongue Fortnight

Frontier Primary School organises Mother Tongue Fortnight “母语双周” annually.  This year was no exception.  It was held from 15 April to 26 April 2019.

The objective of this programme is to create an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of the Mother Tongue Language. The main focus of the programme is to promote the use of Mother Tongue Language as a living language among our pupils through a variety of interesting and authentic activities.

VIsTA (Values Inspired Through Action) programme is implemented across the three Mother Tongue Languages. Inspired by 《弟子规》(Di Zi Gui – Guidelines for being a Good Child), our aim for this programme is to cultivate in our pupils Filial Piety, Empathy, Graciousness and Humility.

The highlight of this programme is the Flower Arrangement activity. Through this activity, pupils were able to identify their many bad habits and the implications that these habits have on their learning and development through self-reflection.

For pupils taking the Chinese Language, besides the VIsTA programme, the other language and cultural activities that we have organized for our pupils include Chinese Painting, Wushu, Chinese Opera, Making Tang Yuan, Mooncake Making etc. Pupils from our MOE Kindergarten came to join us for some activities too. All the pupils had a wonderful time!

As for pupils taking the Malay Language, besides the language activities, they were also introduced to Malay Folk Songs such as Air Pasang Dalam, Bangau Oh Bangau, Katak Si Katak Lompat, Nenek Si Bongkok Tiga, Burung Kakak Tua and Ikan Kekek. Pupils had the opportunity to work in groups and perform the Malay Folk song of their choice. Pupils from different levels were also introduced to different traditional games such as Batu Seremban (Five Stones), Kuda and Baling Tin. That is not all. Our Primary 3 pupils had a hands-on session on batik painting and our Upper Primary pupils had the opportunity to learn about some of the traditional music and played on the instruments so as Gamelan and Angklung

Last but not least, pupils taking the Tamil Langauge were exposed to a variety of activities related to Tamil Language and Culture. Pupils had hands-on experience in designing their own Rangolis (colourful designs drawn during celebrations). They also took part in many of the Language games and traditional games like Pallanguzhi. Pupils displayed their creativity when they did their own Henna designs. Pupils also took part in various competitions that were held across the levels.

To conclude, our pupils really enjoy the MTL Fortnight and they looked forward to it each year.