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Total MK Curriculum

HI Light Programme
The HI-Light Programme supports the holistic development of children through an integrated approach.
It focus on the 6 learning areas

  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Discovery of the World
  • Language and Literacy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Numeracy
  • Social and Emotional Development


Starlight Literacy Programmes
Starlight Literacy Programmes help to nurtures early bilingualism. The programme is offered in English
and 3 Mother Tongue languages (Chinese, Malay and Tamil).

Weeks of Wonder
Children work with their peers and teachers to investigate topics of their interest. Through the WoW
projects, children experience the joy of self-motivated learning and finding answers to their questions.

Routines & Transitions
Opportunities for children to develop self-help and other social skills, inculcate values and good habits in
children are provided through the daily routines and transitions.


Centre Based Programme

  1. Little Explorers
    Little Explorers nurture a sense of wonder and curiosity in children by the introduction of many
    open-ended activities.

  2. OutVentures
    The OutVentures encourage children and their families to stay healthy through both indoor and
    outdoor activities to promote physical activities as well as to develop an appreciation to the nature
    around them.

  3. WondeRead
    The WondeRead instils the love for reading in children as well as their parents. The team work
    closely with National Library Board to provide a range of books in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil
    languages for the children.