Strong Fundamentals, Future Learning

I am privileged to be appointed the 2nd Principal of Frontier Primary School with effect from 15 Dec 2017.

As a school, we are guided by our Philosophy to build Strong Fundamentals for Future Learning so that we could develop Frontierers to be Confident Thinkers, Adaptable Individuals and  Passionate Leaders. Thus, our Applied Learning Programme, F@CE (Frontier’s Approach to Communicating Effectively) which incorporates IPW, CLAP and Thinking Silhouettes, equip Frontierers with critical thinking and communication skills to better navigate in the complex world. Our Learning for Life Programme, danceFRONT broadens our pupils’ horizons to enable them to be aesthetically appreciative, cultured, expressive and imbibed with the essential values. Our tag line “Dancers with Life, Frontierers of Life!” depicts our aspirations for our pupils to thrive in the face of life’s challenges and be able to forge new breakthroughs in their journeys ahead.

As a young school, we have made steady progress in our academic and non-academic achievements, nurturing our pupils to be wholesome individuals with tenacity and adaptability. Under the careful guidance of our dedicated teachers, our pupils are groomed to shine in different ways and be the best that they could be. We are proud of our staff who guide the pupils with dedicated care and thankful to our pupils’ parents for their ardent support.

I will lead my staff to continue our journey of forging new frontiers ahead. We will deepen our practices and embark on the quest of further progress so that the school will grow from strength to strength. Thank you for entrusting your children with us.

Make a Difference, Be the Difference

our School Motto that continues to inspire and guide us ……….


Mrs Tonnine Chua