School Leaders

mrs tonnine chua 2

Mrs Tonnine Chua
“Every child is unique with his own strengths, temperaments and needs.  The child as a learner is sincere and earnest in his quest for knowledge and excellence. Given the right nurturing care and environment, every child will be able to succeed and contribute in his own ways. A child’s success should be celebrated to spur him on and his failure should be forgiven so that he is not afraid to explore and attempt. Thus, each child should be appreciated in his own merits and be encouraged to pursue and excel in his areas of interests and strengths. Every child symbolizes hope for the country and should be cherished, nurtured and developed to become a useful citizen.”

mr syamsul anwar bin awang

Mr Syamsul Anwar Bin Awang
“Children’s time in primary school are critical formative years which shape their values and attitudes. Abigail Adams once advised her son that “Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence”. It is my belief that the 6 years of quality educational experiences we provide at Frontier Primary will mould children who make the pursuit of life-long learning their passion, equipping them with the drive to realise their full potential.”

Mrs Wilna Chai (VP)

Mrs Wilna Chai

I believe that all children can LEARN, have different INTERESTS and STRENGTHS. Frontier provides a holistic education to help our students learn for LIFE, be ENGAGED and find PURPOSE in learning. We inspire our students to Make a Difference and Be the Difference through the practice of our school values of Respect, Care, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience and Loyalty. We want to work closely with our stakeholders to serve the needs of our students in the community."

mr goh hin howe

Mr Goh Gin Howe
Vice-Principal (Administration)
“Parents, teachers, and administration and support staff all have an important role to encourage our children to become active learners. I am absolutely dedicated to ensuring that every pupil within our care achieves his or her potential. Providing a creative and inspirational learning environment is key to ensuring all our pupils are safe, happy and nurtured.”