Mother Tongue

CNY (2)
Hari Raya (3)

Our Vision

Cultivate • Aspire • Lead


Our Mission

We aim to:

  1. Develop Confidence and Passion in our pupils when in the learning of their Mother Tongue Language.
  2. Equip our pupils with the Knowledge and Skills in becoming Effective Bilingual Communicators and Lifelong Learners while grounded in values.
  3. Transmit Traditional Cultures and Values through the study of Mother Tongue Languages.


Our Curriculum Objectives


This set of curriculum aims to make the learning of Mother Tongue Language more enjoyable and it also aims to equip our pupils with the competencies required in using their Mother Tongue Language to communicate proficiently in everyday life.

The Key learning areas would be the building up of the various languages skills that consists of not only Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills but also Spoken Interaction and Written Interaction Skills.

The focus for the Lower Primary would be to develop our pupils’ Listening, Oracy and Reading skills. This will serve as a strong foundation before the developing of essay skills in the upper primary.

Civic Literacy and Cultural Awareness will be cultivated alongside with the development of Language Skills, nurturing our pupils to be Self-Directed Learners who are confident and passionate about their own chosen Mother Tongue Language.


Our 3E Approach to Teaching & Learning of Mother Tongue Langauge



Our Programme Highlights: Promoting Racial Harmony and Social Cohesion

Chinese New Year Celebration

Hari Raya Puasa Celebration

Deepavali Celebration

We have the following programmes to cater to the holistic development of each child:

I love Literature Programme (ALP)

As reading builds the foundation to language excellence, The Rainbow Reading Programme (P1 & P2) and Avid Reader Programme (P3 – P5) is design to imbue the joy of reading in pupils from a young age.

Our pupils will collect reading badges based on the number of books read and book reviews completed for the P1 and P2, as well as task completed for the P3-P5. The colour of the reading badges follow the order of the colours of the rainbow starting from purple and ending with red for Rainbow Reading Programme while P3-P5 will be receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze collar pins according to the number of reading tasks that they have completed.

I love Literature Programme is integrated with the Rainbow Reading Programme and Avid Reader Programme. It is also part of our Applied Learning Programme whereby pupils get to read different literary genres and have deep discussion with the teachers. The commencement of the critical reading period encourages pupils to read deeply, think critically and communicate their ideas clearly and effectively.

Pupils engaging in story discussion to develop their Critical Thinking skills and hone their Communication skills.


Speech & Drama Programme (ALP)

All Primary 1 pupils will take part in speech and drama during curriculum hours so as to enhance their learning of the language through dance and music, thereby developing their confidence in presenting in front of an audience. We believe that a joyful learning experience can help them to develop the love for their Mother Tongue language from a young age.

Learning Listening, Thinking and Presentation skills


Mother Tongue Language Fortnight & Cultural Camp

The Mother Tongue Department has designated two weeks for MTL Fortnight every year to provide opportunities for pupils to learn more about their own language and culture heritage in a fun and enjoyable way as well as to cultivate civic literacy and cultural awareness.

MTL as a living language


VIsTA (Values Inspired Through Action)

There is a saying that goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Alongside the development of our pupils intellectually, we would want our pupils to be grounded in sound values, having the ability to reason soundly and make the right decision.

The “Di Zi Gui” 《弟子规》 is integrated into our CCE Curriculum. Through the learning of “Di Zi Gui”, we aim to cultivate a sense of filial piety, empathy, righteousness, humility and sound moral judgment in our pupils.

Cultivating positive behaviour