Executive And Administrative Staff


Mr Mohamed Yusoff Bin Ekwan
Operations Manager

“Every child is a gift from God. Each child has a different learning style and pace. Every child is born unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”

Tel ext: 104
Email: mohamed_yusoff_ekwan@moe.edu.sg

Mr Wong Teong Man
Operations Manager

"One of the hallmarks of a well brought up person is manners."

Email: wong_teong_man@moe.edu.sg

Miss Nur Aisha Idris
ICT Associate

"Growth, is when we look within ourselves and discover who we are, what the purpose of our life. When we understand ourselves, we are able to shape a better future."

Tel ext: 310
Email: nur_aisha_idris@schools.gov.sg

Miss Poh Kai Ling
Administrative Manager

“Education is the key to infinite possibilities and freedom.”

Email: poh_kai_ling@schools.gov.sg

Mdm Serene Hwee Kee Lim
Administrative Executive

“Children are the future of our society. Education is their best tool for learning and growing up”

Tel ext: 103
Email: lim_hwee_kee@moe.edu.sg

Ms Barbara Ong
Administrative Executive

“To provide an environment in which children can grow, whatever we do, we will do it well.”

Email: barbara_ong@schools.gov.sg

Ms Chua Peck Hoon, Gina
Management Support Officer

“Education is an important aspect of our lives . It is not just going to school and getting a qualification. It also plays a part in shaping one’s character, values and beliefs. We are never too young or old to learn for there is a vast of knowledge to acquire. Education provides us with the knowledge and wisdom to succeed in both our work and personal lives.”Tel ext: 107
Email: chua_peck_hoon_a@moe.edu.sg
  Mr Harshanal Abdul Halim
Desktop Engineer (NCS)“I see not only the students, but us adults as being on our personal journeys of learning. It has become undeniable to me, and a guiding philosophy, the saying of Confucius: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Tel ext: 308
Email: harshanal.halim@ncs.com.sg

Ms Nur Hafizah Bte Mohd Amir

“I believe each student can maximize their potential in their own unique way, thus soaring to greater heights; excel both in education and character.”

Tel ext: 242
Email: nur_hafizah_mohd_amir@moe.edu.sg

Ms Nur Hadzimah
Library Assistant

“I believe every child is gifted. It is only a matter of time for them to pick up and move forward.”

Tel ext: 280
Email: Nkuzairi@staff.spydus.com.sg

Mdm Jumilah Binte Sumonor
Corporate Support Officer"You don't learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by doing, and falling over."
Ms Zarina Begam d/o Walli Mohamed
Corporate Support Officer
Mdm Chua Peck Nging
 Christina Ms Christina
Operations Support Officer

“The children’s safety and healthcare is my top priority.”
Mdm Anisah Bte Amat
Operations Support Officer
Mdm Luah Guat Cheng
Operations Support Officer
Mdm Manjeet Kaur d/o Kapoor Singh
Operations Support Officer
Ms Ninah Bte Osman
Operations Support Officer
Mdm Soh Gek Peng
Operations Support Officer