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Physical Education, Arts & Music

physical education, art and music

We strongly believe that all pupils deserve access to the rich education that the arts provide, regardless of their background, talents, or abilities. We see it as the school’s mission and responsibility to ensure that our pupils are not deprived of a rich arts education. Aesthetics Excellence (AE) is one of the five strategic thrusts that the school has identified for building strong outcomes in the pupils.  The aesthetics programme is an important platform for developing pupils’ character and 21st century competencies.

The Arts Programme refers to the Instructional Programme (PE, Arts and Music), enrichment programme and Co-curricular Activities. While these three vehicles for delivering arts education are separate programmes, run by different departments, they are also integrated and bound together in the school curriculum through the school’s common AE goals. As a whole, AE, through its delivery, provides all pupils with exposure, experience and instruction in the arts forms.

The AE framework in Frontier is designed to support the school’s CCA policy on aesthetics. The objectives are to

  1. Provide opportunities for pupils to strive for personal excellence. It is through practice that pupils face their own frontiers and overcome the obstacles to achieve breakthroughs in their learning. It is through this process that the pupils build character, resilience and a can-do spirit. They learn the spirit of perseverance which will help them accomplish the tasks that they set their minds to. The process will also enable the pupils to build teamwork and responsibility. The school engages pupils in a meaningful way, by providing opportunities for character and leadership development and by promoting the acquisition and application of social and co-operative life skills.
  2. Be Responsive to Inculcating National Values and Skills. The Arts Education programme also inculcates national values in the pupils.

The school’s approach in delivering arts education to the pupils involves:

  1. An appreciation of the aesthetics through exposure and experience. Through experience in arts, pupils discover their creative abilities. When pupils participate in the arts, they develop an inventive spirit, expand their critical thinking skills, become self-disciplined, and learn to accept ambiguity or even failure as part of the learning process. This allow pupils to engage themselves in the discipline of the creative process.
  2. Be Broad-Based with Opportunities to Specialise.  Just as pupils are offered a broad range of subjects in school, they are also offered a range of arts forms that expose them to different experiences and encourage the exploration of diverse interests. Pupils who develop a special interest or are talented in specific areas are given opportunities to specialise and develop these talents.

Our AEP provides a platform for our pupils to strive for personal excellence and to develop 21st century competencies, leading to achievements in national and international arenas. Through our AEP, pupils acquire skills and knowledge underpinned by values which include both character values as well as national values. Through the programme, pupils are encouraged to see the arts as society’s gift to them, inspiring courage, enriching celebrations and thus all imbued with a sense of nationhood.