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Mother Tongue

Our Vision

Cultivate • Aspire • Lead


Our Mission

To nurture the whole child with the objective of enabling students to become Effective Bilingual Communicators and Lifelong Learners, who will be prepared for Global Changes, respect Diversity, accept Responsibility and pursue a Sense of Fulfilment.


List of MT Teachers

Levels Teachers
Primary 1 & Primary 4 Mr Chen Dunqiang (陈敦强老师)

Mdm Li Jia Yang (李佳阳老师)

Miss Chen Peishi (陈珮诗老师)

Mdm Liew Mei Lian (刘美莲老师)

Mdm Li Yixian (李毅仙老师)

Miss Huang Wei Ling (黄玮玲老师)

Miss Wang Wan (汪婉老师)

Mr Mohammed Nidzam Bin Zakariah

Mdm Norhayati Binte Ibnor

Mdm Jeeva Rekha d/o Selvam

Primary 2 & Primary 5 Mdm Lim Lan Shii (林兰诗老师)

Miss Ting See Yiing (陈诗颖老师)

Miss Michelle Lim (林美秀老师)

Mdm Chia Qian Lin (谢倩琳老师)

Ms Wong Seh Lin (黄诗霖老师)

Mdm Wong King Sing ( 黄琼星老师)

Mr Ong Bok Chuan (王木全老师)

Mr Mohammad Fahmy B Abdul Ghani

Mdm Rasidah Bte Mohd Rasit

Mdm Aneesah Beevi Bte Asah


Levels Teachers
Primary 3 & Primary 6 Mrs Mary Loh-Lim Cheng Nee (林真妮老师)

Mdm Dorcas Lee Hao Yih(李皜忆老师)

Miss Lee Hong Yian (李凤燕老师)

Miss Lim Jing Xian (林靖娴老师)

Mr Li Lei (李磊老师)

Mrs Teo Ming Hui (林明慧老师)

Mdm Liu Huanqing ( 柳焕青老师)

Mdm Noryanti Mohamed Yahya

Mdm Sri Arianti

Mdm Hamimah Sulaiman

Mdm Aneesah Beevi Bte Asah



Our Programme Highlights

Promoting Racial Harmony and Social Cohesion


  •  Chinese New Year CelebrationCNY (1)CNY (2)CNY (3)
  •  Hari Raya Puasa CelebrationHari Raya (1)Hari Raya (2)Hari Raya (3)
  •  Deepavali Celebration



We have the following programmes to cater to the holistic development of each child:


Our Reading Programmes

  • Rainbow Reading Programme (Primary 1 & Primary 2)
  • Avid Reader Programme (Primary 3, 4 & 5)



As reading builds the foundation to language excellence, The Rainbow Reading Programme is design to imbue the joy of reading in pupils from a young age. Thus, our pupils will collect reading badges based on the number of books read and book reviews completed. The colour of the reading badges follow the order of the colours of the rainbow starting from purple and ending with red.

Avid Reader (2)


Culture and Language Literature Programme

The Culture and Language Literature Programme is integrated with the Rainbow Reading Programme and Avid Reader Programme. It is also part of our Literature Appreciation Programme whereby pupils get to read different literary genres and have deep discussion with the teachers. The commencement of the critical reading period encourages pupils to read deeply and think critically.


Speech & Drama Programme for Chinese Language & Malay Language

Primary 1 pupils will take part in speech and drama during curriculum hours so as to enhance their learning through dance and music. At the same time, we believe that a joyful learning experience can help them to develop the love for their Mother Tongue language from a young age.


Mother Tongue Language Fortnight & Cultural Camp

The Mother Tongue Department has designated two weeks for MTL Fortnight every year to provide opportunities for pupils to learn more about their own language and culture in a fun and enjoyable way. It is hoped that the pupils will develop an appreciation of their cultural heritage.

MTL Fortnight (1)MTL Fortnight (2)MTL Fortnight (3)MTL Fortnight (4)MTL Fortnight (5)MTL Fortnight (6)


VIsTA (Values Inspired Through Action)

The “Di Zi Gui” 《弟子规》 is integrated into our CCE Curriculum. Through the learning of “Di Zi Gui”, we aim to cultivate a sense of filial piety, empathy, righteousness, humility and sound moral judgment in pupils and to encourage deep reflection. The school continues to partner parents who support their child’s learning of “Di Zi Gui”. Every year, the P3 parents are invited to attend workshops or seminars to understand the curriculum and to know more about how the learning of “Di Zi Gui” helps their child in their character development.


VisTA-1VisTA-2Vista (3)Vista (4)


Resources for Parents and Pupils.


Brief Description of website
Website Link /User Manual

The Xue Le Learning Portal for Chinese Language (学乐网)


·     A website that features multimedia content that is aligned with the Primary CL Curriculum.

·     Pupils will see their text from the textbook presented in an animated way in this website.


·    A portal that uses Educational Games to aid Primary 1 to Primary 5 pupils in the revision of Chinese Characters, Words and Vocabulary that they have learnt through an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.

·    A comprehensive curriculum which strengthens integration of ICT into the school teaching curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to enhance pupils learning.

Chinese Language Oracy eland (听说e乐园)


·     An online Interactive Learning Portal that is designed to equip Primary 1 to Primary 3 pupils with commonly used Vocabulary and Sentence Patterns that they can use in their daily conversations with others.

·     Interesting and Exciting Games available to reinforce learning of Vocabulary and Sentence Pattern.


iMTL Portal

(Only applicable to P4 to P6 pupils)

·     An online learning portal that uses multi-media to leverage on our students’ familiarity and regular use of ICT to enrich their MTL learning.

·     This portal also aims to help pupils make MTL learning a living language, so that they can become active learners and proficient users of the language.

·     Pupils are required to log into the website for their learning.