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mathematics department

mathematics department


The department envisions our pupils to become creative and reflective problem-solvers. They will be equipped with the essential conceptual understanding, skill proficiencies and thinking skills for the continuous learning in Mathematics and in their everyday life.


The pupils will be exposed to opportunities to discover the joy and excitement of making connections, communicating as well as collaborating with their peers. They will learn to develop positive attitudes such as confidence, perseverance and curiosity so that they will be spurred to pursue other passions in their journey of becoming life-long learners.

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In Frontier Primary, Math Fun Time is carried out on monthly basis. During this time, Math Department will expose little Frontierers to hands on Math activities and concepts in a fun way. Through those activities, the department hopes to instil Little Frontierers’ love for Math.

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To learn Mathematics through play and exploration, our Frontierers’ learning was extended beyond classroom. They are exposed to practical and real-life examples during the trail as the activities for each station took place in natural settings. The Department hopes that the experience gained will garner them to instil a positive attitude towards Mathematics and its uses in their daily lives.

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Parent Workshops
As a Collaborative Partner, Parent Workshops are held annually to empower and equip parents with the relevant heuristics skills-sets to support their child’s learning at home. This would thus contribute to a better learning outcome for our Frontierer. Parents are exposed to model-drawings and strategies on solving different heuristics questions. The department hopes to be able to conduct more workshops to cater to the various needs of parents!
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Get Excited with MATH! @ Recess
To arouse Frontierers interest in the learning of Mathematics, Math department organises Get Excited with Math @ Recess (G.E.M). Frontierers are able to Apply Mathematics Skills as GEM games are chosen to enhance problem solving and thinking skills. Those games challenge the pupils to think of different strategies to outsmart their opponents. Each Frontierers’ progress can be tracked by G.E.M cards.

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