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Art Club

Art Club
CCA Information: The Art Club organises art projects to enhance the pupils’ creativity and self-expression. It is a platform for pupils to showcase their talent beyond the curriculum.

Throughout the year, pupils will be exposed to various art forms and mediums such as drawing, painting, craft, mixed media and clay.

Learning journeys to museum and art workshops will be conducted to expose the pupils to different art styles, artists and art movements. We believe that such exposures create opportunities for the pupils to express their opinions about artworks, and at the same time, help foster a love and appreciation of art.

Opportunities to represent the school in various Art Competitions will be a common affair.

For Whom: P4, P5, P6 Frontierers
CCA Objectives:
Pupils will learn to:
a.      Develop creativity and self-expression through various art forms.

b.      Nurture an interest in arts

c.       Foster a love and appreciation of art

d.      Strive for excellence through participation in art competitions

Teacher In-Charges: Mdm Guo Xuanyun (I/C)

Mdm Lim Li-Chern Anisia (CO I/C)

Mdm Lee Say Hoon

Mrs Sabrina Zhang

CCA Leader:                         Syed Haris (6CO)
Chong Kai Qian (5RT)
Carl Joshua (5CA)
Charmaine (5 IN)
Schedule: Mondays, 2:45 p.m.  to 4:45 p.m. , Art Rooms
Attire: Pupils will be in PE attire unless otherwise stated.