Make A Difference. Be The Difference.


CCA Information: The Frontier Choir began in January 2016 with the primary aims of promoting choral awareness and providing a platform for pupils with beautiful voices to showcase their talents. The Frontier Choir believes that music and singing are integral to promoting well-being, for it is often heard the phrase that “music soothes the soul”. Our choristers aim to master a variety of vocal techniques and various repertoires including songs from different musical periods and countries.

The Frontier Choir is guided by two main values: self-discipline and team spirit. In order to succeed, choristers need to exert self-discipline in the carrying out of various tasks, in the taking charge of one’s own learning and in being willing to practise vocal techniques on one’s own beyond formal practice sessions. Also, as choristers sing in a group and not individually, team spirit is necessary to ensure that everyone sings his / her part right and we all sound good together. The Frontier Choir is thankful for a good first year and is looking forward to making a difference by bringing more joy and laughter to everyone through our good music this year.

For Whom: Pupils who are passionate in singing
CCA Objectives: Pupils will learn to:

  1. develop a passion in singing both individually and in an ensemble
  2. use solfege to improve singing and sight-singing skills
  3. sing a wide repertoire of songs from various genres such as western pop, folk songs, musicals, etc.
  4. prepare for both recreational performances and competitions
Teacher In-Charges: Miss Sharon Tan Ken-Min (I/C)

Miss Lim Weiqing Eulindra (CO I/C)

Mdm Toh Bee Choo

Mdm Norhayati Binte Ibnor

CCA Leaders:   Student Conductor: Shazlyn Binti Zaini (5RT)
Soprano Section Leader: Clariss Tiu Jia Min (5RE)
Alto Section Leader: Hayden Goo Yuheng (5IN)
Schedule: Mondays, 2.45pm to 4.45pm

Pupils will assemble at Sonatina Room 2.

Attire: Pupils should be in school uniform.