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Our People & Programmes

School Programmes & School Philosophy

Frontier Primary School (FPS) focuses on Future Learning – knowledge, skills and values that will equip our children for the 21st century. We aim to develop all our pupils to be confident persons, self-directed learners, concerned citizens and active contributors. Each and every pupil will be equipped with the 21st century competencies such as

• Information & Communication skills
• Civic Literacy, Global Awareness & Cross-cultural skills
• Critical & Inventive thinking

While promoting Future Learning, Frontier Primary School will ensure all pupils have Strong Fundamentals in the area of literacy and numeracy. We aim to promote learning of languages, mathematics and science through engaging and interactive methods so as to invoke curiosity and work towards mastery.

The school will also maximise its new generation primary school infrastructure to fully support PERI initiatives such as

• Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
• Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) through Form-Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)
• An enriching PE, Art and Music programme (PAM)

On top of that, the school aims to develop school-based niches in Aesthetics and Student Leadership. We aim to develop a systematic and progressive approach towards building an aesthetic culture in Frontier Primary School supported by strong student leadership practices.

In summary, Frontier’s programmes are:

C         Cognitive Pursuits (Literacy & Numeracy)
L          Leadership Practices (Every Pupil a Leader)
A         Aesthetic Passion (Aesthetic Culture)
P         PERI Programmes (PAL, PAM)
S         Socio-emotional Well-being (SEL, FTGP)

Character Development and 21st century competencies will be built into each programme.

To achieve these dreams for our pupils, we aspire to build a school staff climate of trust, sincerity and care where our staff nurtures each child holistically. In Frontier Primary School, we value parents as our partners-in-education to work synergistically together to realize the potential of each child.