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Staff Achievements



  • Mdm Nusraat Begum Bte Akbar Ali - MOE Service Excellence Award 2017 (GOLD)
  • Mdm Hannaria Srihanum Tumbuck - Certificate of Accomplishment in Engaging Students with Special Needs in Mainstream Classrooms
  • Miss Lee Xiang Ning, Peggy - Certificate of Accomplishment in Engaging Students with Special Needs in Mainstream Classrooms
  • Mdm Nellie Soh Wee Hong - Certificate of Accomplishment in Learning Disabilities: Characteristics and Classroom Intervention and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Characteristics and Classroom Intervention
  • Mdm Ranjeet Kaur D/O Jernavyl S - Certificate of Accomplishment in People and Environment



  • Representation at National Level by Mr Mohamed Nidzam Zakariah in the 2018 Public Service Sepak Takraw tournaments.
  • Using Drama Techniques in Teaching of Malay Language by Mdm Rasidah Bte Mohd Rasit


  • Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2017
    Developing Socio-Emotional Competencies in Young Children through SCATA in PAL by Mrs Stephanie Ong and Mdm Lee Say Hoon
  • Developing Primary School Pupils in Understanding Scientific Variables by Mr Nelson Tong Meng Yang and Mr Chua Kian Guan, Ben


  • Developing Primary School Pupils Comprehension Skills Using the Barrett Taxonomy by Mr Alan Yang Qidong and Ms Harsharan Kaur @ Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (Singapore) on 4 June 2015
  • The Effectiveness of 10’C Programme in Improving Pupils’ Writing for Picture Composition
    by Ms Chia Ai Tian, Ms Lee Hong Yian, Mrs Liew Mei Lian, Mdm Lim Cheng Nee, Mdm Li Jia Yang and Mdm Li Yi Xian @ 19th Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (Taiwan) on 29 May 2015
  • Teaching of Reading Comprehension with 10C
    by Ms Li Yixian and Ms Lim Jing Xian @ 10C Professional Sharing 2015 (Singapore), on 27 Aug 2015